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-- (C) Chivalry's Recruitment Thread --

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Chivalry's Recruitment Thread!

This is basically a remake of our previous recruitment thread
since, keeping in view the active player base of Toribash and how hard it is to find decent players,
we needed a new recruitment thread that is not only as time-consuming for the applicant but also pretty simple but informative.

So here we go! if you are looking for a clan and want a friendly environment,
then Chivalry might be the one for you.
So please be honest with your application and read the simply implemented Rules of the Clan
before posting an application to make sure it meets your expectations.

A Few Simple Requirements

- You should be active both on forums and in-game
- You should be Black belt at minimum
*- You should not use any alternate account to join the clan

*If you lost your account and can't get it back, provide a valid reason and maybe we'll accept you.
Also bear in mind that alt account must also be Black belt.

So have you made up your mind yet? Great!

Let's Get Started!

You are free to make a free form application but if you need any sort of a pattern and guide,
then here are the following things you should mention in your application:

- A simple introduction to your Toribash career *

- Your age and how is your behavior in Toribash or on the internet in general **

- Rate your activity in-game as well as forum's out of 10 **

- Mention names of the previous clans you were in before **

- Provide reasons of why you left your previous clans (optional)

- State some points on how and what can you help the clan with *

- Mention some personal skills you have that will help the clan grow
(For example in graphics designing, video editing, etc). Ignore if you do not. *

- You may attach one of your best Ukebashing/Spar/Multiplayer replays if you want

* A paragraph of at least 3 lines must be written at the minimum.
** Please be honest since these are important informations that matter to the clan a lot.

So that is it guys. Hope the application won't consume much of your time but at the same time,
would be informative!
Thank you and Good Luck!

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An Example of the Application

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great day. I just thought I would apply for Chivalry since I was looking for an active clan around and a good environment. So hope you consider my application :)

Introduction to my Toribash Career
My name is MrSofty. I started playing Toribash on December 2015 when I found it randomly on the internet. My old times were great and I made friends and learned the game. I took part in a few in-game events and won a few prizes. My main aim in Toribash was to get Custom belt. I usually liked playing Judo since its a fun mod and y'know, you don't have to wait for the long-ass row x). Other than that, I used to play tourneys just to gather up some money and make a cool ass set for my Tori. I joined a few clans and made friends there too, we usually would flood the whole public server whenever all of the members are online x). I still play Toribash at times whenever I'm bored, so I get some friends, we hop in a room and have some fun!

My age and behavior
I am 17 years old. My behavior, both on Toribash and other internet games, is pretty calm. I always manage to keep a friendly environment and tend not to say bad stuff. I respect other players, whether they are junior or senior.

Activity in-game and forums
My activity on forums would be 10/10. I check the forums almost daily and read trending stuff.
My activity in-game is around 7/10. I'm mostly online at 10 PM - 2 AM (+5 GMT)

Names of the previous clans
I was not in a lot of the clans. But a few of them I remember were:
- (PowPow) | Power Punch
- (Storm) | Sons of Storm
- (Rival) | Rivals
- (Ripper) | Ripper

Reasons of why I left the clans
PowPow: My role in PowPow was a normal member at first, and then I became the Leader in a few months. I had some fight with the leader on some war due to which, I left the clan.

Storm: That was my own clan. I made that being in PowPow, on an alt account, which did not stand for long. I gave the leadership to one of the members and left.

Rivals: Thats a clan I joined a while ago, I think before PowPow. I can't exactly remember the reason but might be because I was going to create a new clan.

Ripper: That was my first clan I joined. It was actually an alternate clan of the leader of PowPow, when he invited me to join PowPow then I left.

How and What can I help the clan with
I heard in-game that this clan was one of the active clans around and has a friendly environment. I basically want to join the clan for some fun with people and get to know others.
I can help the clan with managing events, providing opinions on new things, helping with wars and keeping up with the forum activity.
I would also donate to the clan bank so we can use those TCs in events and stuff.

Personal Skills
I am good at video editing. I can help the clan with clan video or montages for events. In video editing, I have skills of recording and exporting at good settings,
compiling some files together, editing the audio, adding transition effects when needed, adding basic text animations, adding sound effects and background musics, etc.
I also have some basic skills in Photoshop which would come handy with videos.

So that is all the stuff I think would be important to know about me. Hope you accept the application and let me in the clan and help the clan grow. I would be patiently waiting for your response, Thank you!
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Hello and thank you for reviewing my application

Introduction to my Toribash Career
well i joined in 2009 "not on this account" if i remember correctly i stumbled upon Toribash on youtube and it looked cool and interesting so i made a account and i tought Toribash was a very fun game but it took time to get good at. in my toribash career ive won a decent amount of events, ive made many friends that i still talk with from time to time, i still play toribash but not as frequently as i used to but i still get some hours in now and then

My age and behavior
im 19 years old, on toribash and on the internet i would say im pretty friendly, i respect others unless they dont respect me.

Activity in-game and forums
activity on forums i would say is 8/10 im on almost every day just scrolling through
my ingame activity i would say is about 5/10 since i dont play as much as i did before but i try to play as much as i can so when im on i usually play for some hours.

Names of the previous clans
well since ive been on TB since 2009 ive been in a decent amount of clans but ill name some
- (TFR) - Time For Rekt
- [CT] - Catalyst
- [IM] - I am
- (Senpai) - Senpai

Reasons of why I left the clans
TFR i have good friend in TFR and he is the leader of the clan and he still is, but after many members left and after some point the clan was basically dead and it still is to this day i decided to leave.

CT i left CT because the one of the leaders was not very nice with one of my closest friends on TB (not in real life) and i felt like he was being treated like shit so i decided to leave because i didnt want a leader wo treats people like that.

Senpai i had a lot of friends in that clan and suddenly left and one of the leaders who was also my friend left the clan was pretty much dead at that point so i decided to leave as well.

How and What can I help the clan with
it seems like this clan is into wars and that is mostly what i like to do in tb is warring and getting the clan im in in a better rank "atleast top 10" but if there is some things that the leaders or the members need help with in tb or out of TB i can most likely help depends on what it is

Personal Skills
i have been doing some graphics designing but its been some time since i did it so im probably a bit rusy but i can probably help with some graphics if its really needed, i can also edit videos on vegas if that is required.

so that is my application, hope you got to know me a little bit while reading this and i hope i get accepted into Chivalry and make the clan grow.
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Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain because life's greatest lessons are learned through pain.

Accepted. Hope you stay for a while and have fun in the clan
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Yo everybody, I really wanted a new clan since almost all of my past clans are inactive/dead
So yeah, good luck to me

Introduction to my Career

So I didn't really like toribash at first since it looked weird.
When I actually downloaded the game, I tried it for a couple of hours then
I started playing everyday. When I made this account, I think it was
vacation so I really didn't have anything to do.
I didn't realize that the forums existed until I looked up on google for moves to make. For the first weeks that I played toribash I was stuck on single player and making youtube moves because the game kept crashing when I clicked on multiplayer. Luckily after a month, I can play now on multiplayer. I was doing random openers and classic openers hoping that I could win. I didn't really care about tc until I found that people can look cool with it :P. So I kept playing on tournys and winning sometimes. I did not really talk to people until I was blue belt. The first people I talked to are still my friends to this day :O. The first mod that I played was aikido (and I sucked). The first clan I was in was (ash). I had no people to talk to there so I left and found another clan. And the next clan I was in was (drumroll)......Chivalry
KittyCat(previously known as cat4hbk) was in the clan and a good friend of mine. I did not join immediately because I was blue belt. After grinding for black belt I finally joined then I think FC was recruiting so I left (Chiv)
(sorry :P)
My goal in tb was to be famous for some reason and to be a replaymaking legend (I don't know why)

My Age & Behavior on Toribash/Internet

I'm 26 years old. I'm not the type of person who rages at everything and I'm usually pretty calm until someone trash talks.

Activity In-game and In forums

For my activity in-game I will rate it 8/10 until I have exams.
For my activity in forums I would say 10/10 because I'm on there almost everyday.

Some of my Favorite Past Clans and Why I Left Them

Chivalry (ofc) - I left because the clan felt inactive and FC was recruiting
Fight Club - The longest clan I've been in. I left because it was basically dead.
Satire - I didn't actually leave but I was kicked lol
Origin - The clan was inactive

How I Can Help the Clan

I'm always up for a war to make the clan top 1. I'm always active so I can post on clan chat often. I can also use my extreme seductive skills to make people join Chivalry to make it active.

The End

(You get a cookie for getting this far)

Why be a king,
When you coud be a God

A simple introduction

Hello, my real name is Miha, I'm from this small country called Slovenia. I've started playing back in 2012, but have now come back after about 1 year and a half maybe more.

Behavior etc.

I'm currently 18 years old and would say I'm pretty decent on interwebs.
Still got that dark sense of humour though.


Well for the past week I've been quite active in-game but forum wise I was more than less just lurking. I do participate alot in clan forums though.


I had quite a few past clans (pretty sure they are mostly dead by now)
Clans such as: Electric, Ascend, Grim Reaper...

Reasons for leaving clans

I had mostly left clans because they were going in-active, never really got into huge arguments with other players.

Good points

Well I would love to participate in wars. My speciality is in ABD.

Personal skills that could benefit the clan

I do some art stuff on the side but nothing really proffesional.


Unfortuantely lost them all, as they were on my laptop which I had back then.

Thank you for your time

Q: Why is air a lot like sex?
A: Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any.

I do realize I haven't introduced myself very well.
Q: Why is air a lot like sex?
A: Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any.
Evaq App
Hello my name is Evaq or Dylan, I've been playing Toribash for 5 years now. I live in the US in the state of Texas. I am mainly a rpl maker, I mainly do parkour and tricking. I am also very skilled in ABD, Boxshu, and TK.

I am 14 and I would say my perspective in Toribash is very positive and non-toxic. I may slip up every once in a while but I have many friends in Toribash and I'm hoping by joining this clan I can make a few more. I'd love to play with any members just hmu in-game.

I am on forums everyday and in-game everyday. I would say my in-game rating would be a 8/10. My forum activity is a little lower maybe a 6 or 7/10.


Soukio: I was in Soukio for about a month a half before I left. I left because I did not like their recruitment organization. I think they just invited a ton of people and I didn't wanna be apart of that.

Crooks: I was in Crooks for a while, about 2 or 3 months. I liked some of their members but they were very inactive. I also didn't agree with some of the members on irrelevant things.

Tank: I left Tank due to random members joining once Zack went back to Obey. I was invited to Tank by Zack with no application he just really liked me replays and we are good friends. I left after a week or two because I didn't know members.

Vector: I was in Vector for a couple months, I really only like Shikkumo and I thought the others weren't as good. I also saw better opportunities if I left.

WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THE CLAN?I believe I could really help with wins in wars and increase the amount of times we war. I can help with holding more events for the clan and prizes. I think I could also help with putting tc in the clan bank.

I am pretty good at video editing in sony vegas and I also make music. I'm hoping to start making art for toribash and other games.

I'll leave some replays down below, thank you for taking the time to read my application and I hope you accept me!
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