Market Squad Recruitment Drive
"They also have the little wave (~)"
That little wave is named the tilde if you were wondering.
Pronounced till-day.

Thanks for the tutorial.
meap rocks
The only downside of this thread is that the people who need this information never look here...

Also veb's description should be " 'nuff said ".(jk)
My hands are staind with blood, just like yours, but unlike you, I'm not scared.
Hey, anything that helps the new players.

Infact... this would have been an asset back in April when I joined.

Yeah, I sure wish I had this when I joined.
Great tutorial fyerr!

Jeremy - You can train a n00b, but he'll just be a trained n00b...
You should think about putting this on the Wikipedia Page, or have Eleeleth do it.

First of all, awesome off-topic post.

Second of all, there are resources to help you know this type of information.

Originally Posted by Support READ ME
Regarding Scammers,Hackers and Flamers.
Please do not make threads about these people.

If you are dealing with a scammer:
Take a screen shot of the deal being made.
Take a screen shot of proof you didn't recieve the item and/or tc.
Private Massage (PM) a ToriAgent with all your proof.
If you do not provide valid proof they will most likely not be able to assist you.

Taken directly from a thread.