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Plague Lord Full 512 Set
My first full scale set, all textures unique and hand drawn by yours truly

Making textures is fun and all but fuck me does mapping take a lot of work if you're a noob


Program: Paint Tool Sai

Looking for some basic feedback because I am fairly new to this and to possibly know what the set could be worth on the market if I decide to sell it

You might want to dl me and check it out ingame, I forged a custom flame and pics don't really do the details justice

Thanks for looking
It would've been nice if the head had more clearer detail on the face, but otherwise i'd say it's a pretty good overall set!

Where did you get the demonic symbols from? Or do you make them yourself?
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Thank you sir!

The symbols are just a random alphabet I came up with, some of them are re-occuring others are just random scribbles