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Bet stay in server
Well i do suggest something like if you ping or accidently quit with active bet that bet stays in game and you would still get profit after the ping or something
The biggest issue in TB IMO. This has been suggested already and got pretty much ignored.
There are no downsides to implementing this other than Tc not being sinked.
"Betting at your own risk" isn't about the risk of bad servers pinging.
Won't be implemented because sinking TC is more important than the Toribash players.
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Hold on to live bets
So basically hold on to live bets until the match is over even if you ping out or until the op cancels the bets. I lost enough tc over time do to pinging and its whatever but i feel like this is a big deal for people who may not have a lot if tc.
I understand its a bet at youre on risk type of deal but is there a way to not lose tc if you bet and ping out.

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Supported completely
I know too many people that place a pretty big bet and then ping directly after and its kinda shitty.
Also if someone is about to lose a 100k vs 20k bet (in their favor bets wise) then the people who risked 20k should earn their winnings but thats just my opinion
I love this idea of keeping bets active because sometimes I have to leave just after a 100k bet or some shit and I lose all my tc because bets dont stay active. I really hope this is implemented.
Absolutely Supported - When betting gets intense, people have a tendency to spam the chat. On many occasions this has caused players to ping, fortunately doesn't happen to me very often. But I think I'd be way more encouraged to bet if this is sorted.
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Question :

What about self bets ? When the openent have a 100k SB and ping ppl will get profit or it's canceling bets ?
Maybe it should count as a loss for the player who pinged.
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