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Original Post
[AS 1.0] An Idea to increase the post amount and activity in AS official clan board
So I was thinking about have a prize for the guy who posted the most in the clan board in a month, the prize doesn't have to be an insane amount, only 15 to 20k will be enough.

And I was thinking on doing my own small events in the clan from time to time.

Let me know what you guys think about these by voting.
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If this happens, the amount of shit post will also increase and I personally think that a new rule that forces members to post atleast a few times a week will work better.
Definetly agree that some people need to raise their post amount in here. But I dont think the prize idea is good, because then Me, Mike and Kris will have to delete so many shit posts from here.

Not really sure how to enforce someone to post here more.
I think this is a bad idea, since the amount of shit posts would massively increase, as Juan and Trestet already stated...
I don't agree due to knowing that I don't post very often, only because I don't know what to post and what not. I am all for more posting but I just need more to talk about and maybe to try to actually post more. Also I find it a little bit of a waist when the members should want to post rather then get something just for doing so. But that is my opinion, thought I would add it. Oh look, did Dube just post? '-'
How did i not see this before.

This fails, have a better idea.

What we tried in wapow and actually worked. was a post count prize.

We have numbered posts right? Then who ever has post number 100, 150,200 or 250 gets a prize

Shit posting rarely happened it actually brought on good conversations. i think we made a specific thread for it so if there was shit posting it didn't matter that much

This brought more attention to our regularly used threads
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I don't really see how Mike's idea can work, because I think post number prize either won't change any forum activity because the people just don't care or everybody will be gunning to win the prize and will just shit post their way to it. The reason shit post rarely happened in wapow might be because of the people who were posting and active at wapow just genuinely wants to have a conversation or the activity in the clan might be low. Well correlation doesn't mean causality.