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[HE] Hero's Tryout Centre

Welcome To Hero's Tryout Centre , here on This Thread You Just Have To Fill An Full Form Application that is Below , Just Copy it And Paste it with your Informations , You can Slightly get your chances up to join Hero By Making your Own Application Form And Make it A Long One, Remember, it Need To Have These few Things , Name , Belt (Min Blue) , Joined Toribash , Hobby, Where do You Live , What Do You Do In Life Every Day, Ingame Hours , Forum Hours , What Will You Benefit Us ? , Why Do You Wanna Join Hero , Lastly , will You Follow Our Rules And Obey Them Always? . Thats The Thing that needed for your Free Form Application , Just Send it Here Or Pm SuperLolicon Or The High Ranked.

Application Form
Toribash Name:
Belt : Min Is Blue Belt
Fav Mods:
Best Mod at:
Ingame Hours:
Forum Hours:
Why Do You want To Join Hero:
What Will You Benefit Us?:
(Optional) Add A Replay of You Playing In Multiplayer In ABD Or Mushu.

Thats All Good Luck Folks
Name: Do you need to know? (Péter Lazar)
Toribash name:I bet you know my tb name
Belt Blue
Fav mods:ABD,aikido,lenshu,TK
Best mod at:ABD
Hobby:Watching anime,MMA
Ingame Hours:700
Forum Hours: Where can i check this lol?
Why Do You want To Join Hero: I like the Design and I see an opportunity
What Will You Benefit Us?:Im active on the Clan thread and In-game,Experienced toribash player
Virus:Change your sig btw :-)
Name: John
Toribash Name: Exclude
Age: 20
Belt : Blue
Fav Mods: Aikido, AikidoBigDojo - also experimenting with no grabs and lenshu
Best Mod at: Aikido, AikidoBigDojo
Hobby: IT
Ingame Hours: -
Forum Hours: -
Why Do You want To Join Hero: Currently I am looking for some clan because I would like to participate in wars.
What Will You Benefit Us?: I am experienced player ready for progress
(Optional) Add A Replay of You Playing In Multiplayer In ABD Or Mushu.
Instead of replays, play against me.
Plus Ultra
Name: Jeremy
Toribash Name: Eatoon
Belt: 7th Dan Black Belt
Favorite Mods: AikidoBigDojo, Boxshu, Mushu, Sparring
Best Mod: AikidoBigDojo
Hobby: Reading old books, playing go
Ingame Hours: Well over 2000, possibly 3000
Forum Hours: 100? I'm much more active on Discord.

I'm interested in joining Hero because I'm coming back to Toribash after a long break, and I would love to find a new community of active players to befriend and hang with ingame and on Discord.

I'm a very experienced ABD player with a special focus on clan wars. Before I quit Toribash, I carried my clan, (Horde), to 2nd Rank along with my Co-Leader Coyote. I'm a steady supply of only the freshest memes. I am guaranteed to satisfy or your money back.

I don't have any replays worth sharing, because I just came back after deleting the game. However, here is an old highlight that made it into a ConCon video
HERO Is Back In Business.. I Was On My Semester and Now its Over , i have alot of Free Time To enjoy Toribash Again .. il try to make Hero Active Again!