Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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hi i occasionally do replays, i want u guys to help me improve : )

ignore the names btw im lazy when it comes to replay names
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I really liked the opener, very creative and on the toes ;) you almost has the same style as me which i love about you ;) <3
you're quick to the point with the dms and the spin was pretty neat :o
The dms were cool but i feel like you possibly changed the dismemberthreshhold just a tad ;)

all you have to work on is obviously making longer replays (which you most likely have by now or will)
work on the DMs you get, maybe try to get more of them if you could
the pose was fine, i personally think that the pose doesn't have to be focused on too much in madmans too much, if the tori is in a reasonably decent position then i rate it
thank you for the quick response! here's something i did with natejas a few weeks ago
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Hi, i didn't know you made replays but hey it seems you are off to a really good start my dude.
I noticed the frames were a bit, demented none the less.

So first off i'm gonna comment on this opener, it looks like a generic mushu launch opener at first glance, but then you used it pretty well to launch yourself to uke in 'not' a generic style, pretty neat i can say and the other thing is this replay is in -30 gravity so i respect that because its not my comfort zone of a gravity.

Now the next thing is you extended your neck so suddenly, i didn't like how it looks, maybe if you relaxed it a little i'll be happy with it but the you went this kick which was quite unnecessary but i can see why you do it, and then you lift uke up with a pretty good lift but you bruised your head which did a major tole to the replay.

Your transitions are a bit choppy but the dismemberments covered it, the first boom was real nice, i dig it. But then the second was underwhelming since you didn't get a boom, you could've tried harder but i would careless, and again you change your momentum which is only doing you bad.

So overall dismemberments were great you just need to work on your flow and movements, but since this is -30 gravity i respect your dedication to make a replay this good.

I'll give it 8.4/10
We need to collaborate ok thank you!
thank you! here's a replay i made a few weeks ago too, just getting back into replay making rn i guess
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didnt really like the opener, i think it was slow, i really like the punch u do on uke's leg, it looks so strong, allthough your form could be better (by left bending your lumbar as an example), the knee spin was cool and you just knee dmd by knee hitting a knee, ok then,, split kick and decap kick were pretty cool and pretty fast, pose couldve been a lot better
fimmy toribsah discorD DECAP
thank you so much! i'll keep that into account

here's the first replay i did when i started doing replays, i know its kinda bad but i like it, what do you guys think of it?
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there was a bit of a weird delay from the hand touching the ground to the launch in your opener, i also felt that launch could be more forceful if you didn't extend the right pec but nonetheless it gave you a good position to act on

the lift was ok but a bit too high, it seemed to give you a hard time on what to do next, the weird tap you did later on didn't really serve any purpose, it was also a bit twitchy

i like the speed of the decap

there was a bit of ghosting when you were dming the hip, i also felt like you could have placed the grab better

good work, just needs a little bit of flow and remove the twitching
yeah, ok thank u ^_^ gonna do another replay sometime
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