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I think it would be a good idea to have a 24 hour oficial betting server, that is hosted by the toribash team.
There are 24 hour servers in toribash already (like the quick game servers) and a 24 hours betting server would complete the game even more in my opinion.
The server host could be a bot that registers the nudges: For example, a nudge is 10k to DP, and player1 has 10k tc and wants a nudge, so player1 would put 10k tc on the DP and the bot would auto nudge him to position 1.
And another example: Imagin that player1 has 7k tc and wants a nudge, but nudges are 10k tc. Player1 puts his 7k on the DP, and after that player2 gives him 3k tc and player1 puts that 3k on the DP. The bot would make "7+3=10" so he would nudge him to position 1.
But now you may say "But Dextile, sometimes people put tc on the DP but they dont want a nudge".
But that has a simple solution, for example player1 puts 10k tc on the DP but he doesnt want a nudge, after he puts that 10k tc on the DP the bot would ask "DO YOU WANT A NUDGE? /y or /n" and the player would enter the comment /n to tell the bot that he doesnt want a nudge.
Of course this idea would require a special bot, made just for the betting servers.

I hope you liked my idea.
Tell me your thoughts after you read the post.
I hope I see you on the dojo!!
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This falls heavily under the discussion of Bot Rules & Regulations in

Yes having a set betting server run by a bot that the dev's created
would be much more efficient than having player-made betting servers, HOWEVER

I say this from experience and nothing else...Many clans make the majority of their clan bank's TC off of betting servers. Eliminating the need for clan-made betting servers would essentially cripple the economy of that clan.

However, I mentioned in that if clans could pay say...10k tc per hour (including a global) with certain limitations on how long a server can be owned by a clan, I'd be all for this.
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