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rest in peace xxtentaction.
it is confirmed that he has died, it is on the broward police departments twitter if you dont believe me.

his music had a huge impact on me, im actually extremely distraught over this, rest in peace.
it's my plate you eat off.
berzerk why you duel running?
He was shopping for Motorcycles and two guys apperead in a dodge and just shot him

Man I can't believe that, seriously, rest in peace :/
2003 clan league champion

reached out to me when he was relatively small on soundcloud-- it meant a lot. not the best person, did his best with the fame he was given
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I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

he did some pretty wholesome stuff before dying. it really seemed like he was in the process of becoming a better person

rip my *igga
Still waiting for this to be the biggest death hoax in history.

Genuinely upset.
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