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forgotten or a lot of other types of death what i dont want to post
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Think this was already said by some people, but for me too suffocation or being unable to breath are my top ones that i fear. When i had the first time a panic attack, don't remember the reason, being unable to breath normally was something i don't want to face again.
recently got my car, so a big fear right now is getting in a wreck and dying

scariest thing about death isnt my own death though, it would be witnessing a death of family, or someone i love
I fear of being chopped up into tiny pieces and mixed in with a giant bucket of quick cement, and cast into a lake where no one will ever find a trace of my body, leaving little for closure and heavily impacting my friends and loved ones as they can never properly mourn as they cling onto a strand of false hope that I'm still out there - crippling them psychologically since letting go and acknowledging one's mortality and the mortality of the people around them is an important part of what it means to be alive because it allows us to be able to move forward.

Asphyxiation is a close second.
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If I remember, drowning is a burning sensation from the inside. It's a tortuous death.

Though, my main death fears are Suffocation, Bleeding Out, or being buried alive and then dying because of that.
Nuclear War. It's at the point where even hearing a tornado or federal/police/etc siren scares the living shit out of me, as it reminds me of Air raid sirens.
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