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A Plead for Change
This comes as a response to bibb's ban - executed by Icky.

As a leader of Cockbound Agony, it is my job as Toribash's satellite member and partner of the Male Empowerment Network to protest questionable decisions that have great implications on the valuation of members' based upon their background - whether that be height, weight, race, or in this case: physical attraction.

bibb was banned with the reason "cute". I believe that in this day and age, we should not be so selective in choosing members to investigate for the sole purpose of rolling out punishments. This is profiling.

Toribash Staff have been moderating this community as if it is chess. And I think this has to do with your chaotic ancestral lineage. Because the game of chess was born during a brutal age when life counted for so little. The belief was that some lives had greater value than others. Kings and pawns.

I don’t think that anyone is worth more than anyone else. Chess is just a game. Life is not. Real people are not pieces on a board. And you cannot assign more value to some of them to others. Not to me. Not to you. Administrators. And regular members. People are not pawns that can be sacrificed for advancing through the game.

I think the lesson is simple. Anyone who looks on to the world as if it is a game of chess deserves to lose. Anyone who looks onto this community as if it is a game of chess deserves to be removed.

I have hope, though. I look forward to the day when we as a community can return to a time when people are not judged based upon the way they look. Handsome or pretty. Ugly or not. With this ban, a long held belief of mine has surfaced to be true. People who are above a 7/10 have been cast aside in this community. But I have hope. We must all have hope.

Give the people light and they will find the way. And like chess, I wholeheartedly believe that this community may be amended. When the Arabs brought chess to Iberia when they invaded Spain in the 8th century, the Queen was the weakest piece on the board. Thought of as less than pawns. It wasn’t until the late 15th century when Queen Isabella was at the height of her power. That was when the chess Queen became the most powerful piece. And chess became less brutal. Less archaic. Stratagem evolved. Every piece was relevant – all playing an important part from the beginning to the end of each game.

There are no pawns in Toribash. We are all kings.
Here’s to a better tomorrow. Here’s to a future where we can all coexist.

I am not asking for bans to be amended. I am not asking for responsible parties in power to be stripped of their authority.

I am just asking for change. The community deserves change. And for the better.

Thank, you.