Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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I'm here for the bubblegum.
Hi hello. I renamed the replay cuz it looks bland like your bitch's ass.
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good double knee not so good
the manip was great booms were meh
overall nice gj
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Nice, but it would be better if you didn't lazy out and actually finished it.
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haha, that was fun

i see that you enjoy the dm script, or replay hacking. whatever it is you do to make these.

kinda with mack on this one though! your moves are fucking sick, so why not go nuts and fuck uke up like you did in your first replay?

excited to see what you've got next!
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spell pedophile with a ph
also yes 80 frame replays and every other replay under 150 frames r out of style and they have always been shit
honestly a waste of time to ask for cnc on 80 frames

until like 340 then it was kinda awful to be honest
hits after r also kinda shit

final hit was pretty awesome tho but the arm dms looked gay

redo pls
yo, this replay's my fuckin' shit lmao

you really worked wonders with that opener. i'm pretty sad that the manipulation that it looked like you were originally going for didn't go through. but i still struggle doing manips in -9.82, so i imagine it being a much bigger pain in the ass with that gravity

movements were fun and relatively clean, can't say the same for most of the dm's though. i feel like the execution just wasn't as top notch as i'd have liked it to be

arm dm was quirky and the pose was pretty badass

overall, good stuff. i'd like to see some cleaner dm execution
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woo! this shit is acually flawless.
you got a simple opener that goes well with manips
you managed to keep the flow going in the same direction without twitches nor awkard looking moments
my favorite part got to be around 700-600, it just looked so badass

you also did a good job of keeping uke close by. for someone like me who always use -15 i find it impressive how people don't overuse power in default gravity manips.
the only thing i can critize you for is not going creative with dms for a sick ending, you could atleast do a crotch dm after that skeet.
all on all its a really good replay.

p.s you gotta collab me sometime
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