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Another Opener Challenge #3

Classic opener challenge rules, download the replay attached at the bottom of this post, edit after the specified frame, and finish it as you please. No mod this time, I hope the replays don't break AGAIN

Previous edition (winners: Tsuion in 1st and Swexx in 2nd)

You must download and edit the replay attached.
You must only edit after at least 80 frames have passed after the beginning; so starting frame 420.
Hacking is allowed. You may turn on self damage, add frames or remove Uke for instance. In doubt ask in this thread.
You must submit 1 replay only, you can edit your post to update your submission until I close the thread on the deadline day.

Deadline is the 9th of September, I will close this thread on the 10th.

1st: 40000 Toricredits + 3 Shiai Tokens
2nd: 15000 Toricredits + 1 Shiai Token

Tcs are on this dude
Special thanks to the Event Squad for sponsoring with the Shiai


Me; someone else might volunteer to help.
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oc420.rpl (68.3 KB, 63 views)
oh yeah


I don't have time to work on such a short schedule
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Longer deadlines please.rpl (1.18 MB, 42 views)
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Gniloks sa nwonk yllamrof tsitra eht
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is editing engage distance allowed?

Yes, you can even remove Uke if you want as well.
The Event Squad has offered to sponsor the events completely and now they provide both TC and shiai. Thanks guys.
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oh yeah
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Swex- A Decade of Punishment.rpl (643.6 KB, 93 views)
A true replay maker only knows blood,sweat,tears and glory...ALSO failure, ALOT of failure.
also i sing harshvocals n stuff