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@ People
I think this should be implemented on sight due to the fact contacting each other would be much easier. As long as people don't use it recklessly then I am sure everything would be fine.
A way to notify players on the forums via post

some forums make quoting people give them a notif in their inbox, for example

thats probably what he means
I would really like this! it could help with all types of things. ( like giving and getting CNC)

If you're talking about @ spamming they could always add a feature to ban certain people from a thread or just maybe it could give you the option to enable it on a thread?

perhaps with the automatic exception so you can't @ staff or more than 3 people in a post, sure

i can easily see this being used to troll and shit up the forum but perhaps in these times of low playercount it would be good if clans start cross-pollinating a bit
PM me with any and all questions
Basically you guys want Xenforo. Nothing wrong with mentions so long as they're moderated appropriately. That said, I have no idea how we'd implement them in our version of vB, so don't hold your breath.
Squad Squad Squad lead?
The standardization of Toribash Squad roles may have gone too far!
The only way i could see this being implemented is there was an option to opt-in(default set to be opted-out)

But most people dont really need this feature. We all just use discord now for pinging mofos
Oh thanks suo for the ninja
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Pickled is alright
And fresh is quite a delight
this version of vBulletin is just ancient. it's probably older than the average tb player.
I think migrating to something more updated would grant this feature as well as many others