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Remove matchmaking for rank 5 or higher
for the last few months I've had to stop playing ranked whenever i reach above 5, and wait a week for it to drop so I can start playing again.

nobody actually uses matchmaking, and betting that the top 5 people will magically do it at the same time is the weirdest design choice.
if that's not the purpose, then why force MM instead of just letting people continue in the ranked lobby?

the only way to play ranked matches while in platinum tier is to ask someone to come use MM at the same time, which very reliably let's you choose your opponent, hence defeating the purpose.

if i do find someone to play using MM it's usually bronze-silver tier, which again entirely defeats the purpose
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Yeah I talked to sir a while back and said he was thinking about some new stuff for ranked and he tossed the idea of ranked server for gold+ or something along those lines. I really think a ranked server for the higher tiers is the best route and most helpful for all of us taking part this season
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the game is literally too dead to be doing this shit, just make two global rooms anyone can join like before.

except both rooms have different mod rotations

Room 1: ABD, Lenshu, TK
Room 2: Greykido, Rk, Boxshu
the main issue is people thinking there has to be some fancy solution to having ranked matches

it will never be an accurate representation of who's the most skilled because of differences in timezones and everyone doesn't even take part to begin with.
if you're one of the best at this game you want to spend your time dueling anyway

the only purpose it can and should ever serve is to offer a try-hard server to play in, and some epeen if you do well

i think we're over the Toribash esports meme by now, right?
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Ranks offer prizes that are worth substantial amount in USD, so shrinking it down to just couple of rooms would probably derail the whole prize system. That said, current system demotivates people to play ranked as a whole.

There should be some sort of alternative, but definitely something more than just a ranked room