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Takes Two To Tango!

Go with the flow! Dance the night away! Enjoy the ball with your special someone, or just let loose on the dance floor! Are you the best like no one ever was? Can you be better than the rest? Here is your chance to show off your dancing skills!

1. Find a partner to dance with, or dance alone if you are a single star.
2. State whether you are in, by yourself or in your team.
3. Using the mod Dancefloor.tbm, show off your moves!

The rules are simple:
-Create a replay by yourself or with a partner using the specified mod above.
-Only change the turn frames or gravity if needed.
-The replay must be realistic and have flow, no quintuple backflips.
-Only change the gravity and frames, nothing else.
-One replay per team, no stealing other replays.
-One account per person.
-State whether you are participating, team or not.
-Have fun!

8x plus a NEW BEATBOX, a 3D item for the ground!
3x for the second group!

Deadline is 4 WEEKS JANUARY 7th 2019 12:00 PM GMT 0

Your wonderful panel will be The Event Squad
Happy Dancing!
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Can you choose to only use uke or tori? And can you do a collab with two people on one tori/uke.

edit: did it with a little help from ghostflow to not decap myself
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it takes one to breakdance.rpl (232.3 KB, 13 views)
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Saint is not back baby, join easy. Check out my replays .
CONGRATS to Obg and KuroKaen on winning the event! DaNewNinja and Ghostflow placed a secure second place! Prizes will be sent in a few! Thanks to all for participating!
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