Market Squad Recruitment Drive
Clan Activity Check - April 1st 2019:

Everyone failed.

EDIT: except Tribe. We're epic.


Clan Squad will be releasing their first mini clan event called "King of the Hill" shortly. Get excited.
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Ok so for real actual post now with actual information.
Below is the correctly coloured chart for activity checks.

Large pic

Some things to note:
Desolate have become the first clan to die under the new system. They will have the right to appeal should they so choose. The process for this will be as follows;
> I'll inform them of their death via a thread on their board
> They then have one week to organise an argument to convince us that they deserve a 2nd chance. This will take the form of a single private message that they must send within 1 week.
> Clan squad will then decide if the appeal is granted as quickly as they can, and act accordingly.

Alpha has received an activity strike for account sharing as a means to pass the checks. Bans have been handed out accordingly.

The trend continues, where I believe the pass mark should be 30, not 25. Midnight have 4 members, 2 of which are barely active, and that's enough to currently pass these checks, and that doesn't at all sit right with me.
The other option potentially worth exploring is a penalty for clans that fall below the minimum requirements of members.

Other than that, I'm relatively happy with where everyone else sits in terms of it being an accurate enough representation of activity. The pass mark of 30 won't be instated yet, but could be by the next activity check so please be aware of that.

(I may edit this post with more things later but I need to go to work)
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Hey, just a quick one from Chakra Squad.
We've been a little quiet lately because we've hit some road blocks with the projects we've started, unfortunately, but fear not we have some smaller things to announce in the meantime.
We have 2 new perks coming:

1. Official emoticons! This perk allows you to add an emoticon to the forum that anyone can use! You can make it your clan logo, or anything you want within reason (we reserve the right to tell you to grow up and go make a new one). A caveat with this is that it needs to be of a certain quality, so we suggest that you commission an artist to do it, as the upper staff are able to deny its addition on grounds of poor quality. For reference, it should be *on par* with the current toribash emotes.

2. 4th Lmod! This perk is not a major addition, but it's for official clans and allows them to have a 4th local moderator if they wish. This was something recently requested by Obey and I figured it'd be a decent low tier perk as a utility thing.

THE OTHER ANNOUNCEMENT WE HAVE is with regards to clan xp.
Currently your clan tops out at level 100 with no reason to continue. We hope to put in place a "prestige" system, similar to the old call of duty games, as a reference point.
Once you hit level 100, you would be able to reset to level 1, "prestige" 1.
This would carry on;
level 100 prestige 1 -> level 1 prestige 2 etc.

The idea behind this is to uncap xp as more and more clans seem to be hitting that mark. In addition, we could add bonuses for clans that have prestiged, our first thoughts were ingame icons (similar to the icon item), an indicator below clan tag on the forums and on clan descriptions etc.
It'd also give you the big peen. There are other ideas we had with regards to it that tie in with an updated clan ranking system that is currently being discussed.
It's worth noting that none of this will happen until after the forum redesign is complete as the devs are tied up and busy. So we have time to flesh out the details. As always we're open to suggestions.

One more thing; we're not going to be raising the pass mark for official clans to 30. The current activity checks seem to be working as intended and for the most part I'm happy with them. Most clans that have a presence are passing with decent enough scores.

One more thing; we're going to be looking at perk points slightly more in depth. At the moment they are earned using exactly the same formulas as xp, however at this point they're their own currency, virtually. I'd like to look at the earnings of clans and jimmy the prices of perks accordingly.
This was spurned on because we also plan on getting rid of the tc price for becoming official and making it cost perk points. The logic was as follows:

[4:57 PM] [Tribe]Erth: TC is bitch money
[4:58 PM] [Tribe]Erth: There's no point making it TC now that pp exists imo, why do we want people to sink money away from fun things like customisation and bets and the market for a clan thing when we have a currency that's clan specific and almost a direct measure of how engaged a clan is

tl;dr because I know how you feel about long posts
> 2 new perks for forums
> clan xp is getting additional functionality (after forum overhaul)
> decision not to alter the pass mark for activity checks
> perk point overhaul including official applications costing pp not tc. Code Name Operation: Perkele (after forum overhaul)

As always, we're still looking for perk ideas so hit us up if you've got any.
I'll make a thread in the suggestions and ideas board so you feel you have somewhere specific to quickfire them.

Oh, the next activity check is also coming up on June 1st.

EDIT: also I'm thinking about getting another CS on board. If anyone is interested then now is a decent time.
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Activity Check:

Hi I'm back to shout into the void at no one in particular.
Activity check below.

June 1st 2019

As previously stated we're not raising the pass mark to 30, I'm happy to keep it at 25.
Will be doing my strike rounds presently.

Interesting thing to note is that clan league this year is gated behind getting above 25 points in an activity check at the time of sign ups.

Again, I'm interested in seeing some CS apps if anyone is interested. Got a couple already but I'd like to leave it open for a little while longer before coming to a decision.
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Also I stream tetris and other things
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hi, here are little ideas for some new clan achievements

forum posts

Little talks
1 - 10 posts per day during a month or (minimum of 30 posts)

Insert title
10 - 20 posts per day during a month (or minimum of 300 posts)

Profissional spammers
30 or more posts during a month (or minimum of 900 posts)

Activity checks (only green?)

Is that all?
pass one activity check

Keeping the fROW
Three activity checks in a row

Not today (Insert title)
Pass five acitivity checks in a row
Two new perks are now available:
- Custom emoticon (5K Perk Points)
- Additional board lmod (15K Perk Points, Official clans only)

All static clan rooms should also auto-op clan your clan members. If this doesn't happen and you didn't specifically request that from CS, ping them infinitely until they set your room up properly.
Hi everyone. Sorry CS has been pretty quiet recently, we've got some exciting new stuff planned for y'all in the future.

But for now, it's that time again. CLAN COPS ASSEMBLE - ACTIVITY CHECK TIME

August 2019

Some things to note:

First of all, great job to [Aeon] and [Damned] for getting perfect scores! Please accept this medal as a token of my gratitude.

You Rock!

Now on the not-so-bright side of things: numerous clans went from passing the check in the green category to the yellow. While only one clan, [CREAMY], went from yellow to green. This is raising some alarms, so if you don't want the Clan Cops showing up at your door, get those numbers up!

This is also SUPERIOR BIRD CLAN and Elite's first strike, will be notifying them of that shortly.

As for WAPOW, old, and Midnight, however, this is their second (and final!) strike. I will be de-officializing them soon. They will get the opportunity to appeal their death if they can prove to CS that they are worthy of being official again.

Lastly, I'd like to pay respects to our fallen clans [a] and [TGS]. Rest in piece
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