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Clan Rules
Clan Rules

Remember to read these threads as well:

Toribash's Terms of Service (this applies to all areas of Toribash, including the clan discussion board)
The Global Rules (these rules apply to all areas of Toribash, including the clan discussion board)
The General Forum Rules (these rules apply to the entire forum, including the clan discussion board)

General Clan Rules

A)Illegal posts:
⠀⠀I) Respect people's authority when posting in their clan boards/threads. Any unwelcome invades, trolling, harassment or general aggravation caused as a result of you being inconsiderate or disrespectful will be punished.
⠀⠀II) Regardless of the quality, posts are expected to at least provide some meaningful contribution. Your thread is designed to be a discussion place for your clan and using it for mindless spam is not allowed.
⠀⠀III) Necro-Bumping old threads in clan discussion is not allowed (unless you're the owner of the clan).
⠀⠀IV) No posting games are to be played in unofficial clan DSCs, these include but are not limited to: one word stories, changing a letter to make a different word, etc.
⠀⠀V) Abide by the general forum rules at all times, found here. - Friendly use of otherwise banned language is acceptable so long as rule I is respected.

B) Clan Banks:
⠀⠀Clan banks are player made accounts that serve as a bank for the whole clan, here are some rules surrounding them:
⠀⠀I) When you send toricredits to a clan bank, it's property of the clan. Using the clan's toricredits for your own benefit will result in a ban.
⠀⠀⠀*This includes using the Clan Bank Toricredits in duels or bets.
⠀⠀II) For tracking transactions easier when needed, it's recommended that only Leaders have access to the bank.
⠀⠀III) While not enforced, it's advised to keep a log of transactions on your clan thread, so that if TC/items get taken out without your knowledge we have records for proof.

C) Clan leaders ARE ALLOWED to ban any user from their clan board/thread. Disrespecting the leaders' decision will result in an infraction.

D) Any type of multiple-clan systems, including feeder clans and sub-clans are strictly prohibited.

E) You can host events to your clan and you may charge entrance fees for these events, but 100% of the entrance fees must go towards the prize.

F) Clans ARE NOT ALLOWED to sell their clan names/tags to other clans.

G) When reporting a post please be clear about the situation. Reports without foundation will not be handled.

H) Official Clans ARE NOT ALLOWED to create recruitment threads on Recruitment Center board (Unless your clan passed an Appeal, as stated in Official Clans thread). Use your clan's board to recruit new members.

I) Dead legendary clans ARE NOT ALLOWED to recruit new members. The only exception to this is if a former member of the clan is looking to come back, and in that case, inform the current Clan Squad admin before inviting them.

Clan Creation Rules

A) Your clan thread:
⠀⠀I) As a minimum though, you must include in your clan thread:
⠀⠀⠀*Your thread must show effort. If it is considered low effort, or clearly a joke, you will be warned.
⠀⠀⠀*If your clan is using a bank. it must be listed clearly.
⠀⠀⠀Without these minimum requirements, clan staff will issue a warning in your thread - If you still do not meet the requirements within 7 days your thread will be closed and you will be infracted.

B) Tags and Names:
⠀⠀I) Tags and names cannot contain:
⠀⠀⠀*Strong reference to porn/gore/warez

C) Meme/joke clans ARE ALLOWED, but within some strict rules. The clan will not be able to have a thread, making it inelegible for officialization. If your clan is considered a meme, clan squad will contact you and close it's thread if there's an active one. If you own a meme clan and you want to turn it into a serious clan, contact any Clan Squad member for more details.

Prices for tag/name modifications

Unnoficial clans
*Name/Tag changes: 10,000 TC per change.

Official Clans
*Name/Tag changes: 750,000 TC - This price doubles every time you change the name.
You can choose between changing only the tag, the name or both. No discounts will be granted if you choose to change only the name or only the tag.

Before requesting to change a name/tag, make sure that you follow all the following points:
*If you're looking for a clan tag/name being used by a DEAD OFFICIAL CLAN, the clan must be dead for over 3 years;
*If you're looking for a clan tag/name being used by a DEAD UNNOFICIAL CLAN, make sure the clan is inactive or dead (no time restriction);
*It's not a legendary clan;

If you can have what you asked for, we will confirm this for you. If you're sure, send the TC to a Clan Squad or Clan Admin and we'll change your clan's name/tag for you.


A) Power abuse is prohibited and will result in banishment and total removal of your powers from the clan board.

Backseat moderation is not allowed, use the report button or contact a member of clan staff via pm or via #support chat on Discord. (This is primarily for unofficial DSCs)

D) The Clan Discussion board (here) is moderated in a slightly more relaxed manner, but still abides by most, if not all, of the general forum rules as it is considered public. Official clan boards are considered private, and so the rules are mostly set by the clan itself. (Major rules still apply)

Clan War Rules

A) Operators:
⠀⠀I) If a Clan Leader is present, it is recommended that person is the one OP'd, as they are the ones responsible for the clan in such a situation. If a Clan Leader is not present, then it is recommended to choose the member who sent or is accepting the War Invite. The Clan War is not to be started until both participating clans have at least ONE OP.
⠀⠀II) De-OP'ing members of the opposing clan is prohibited, and doing so in a Clan War may result in an infraction or ban.
⠀⠀III) OP's in a Clan War may not Kick/Ban any member of any participating clan from the server. If you have evidence of someone acting up during a Clan War, take screenshots, and send them to the Clan Squad via #support on Discord or PM. If someone continues to act up after warning them that you've report them to Clan Squad, then you may mute them or ask the opposing clan's OP to mute them if the player acting up is from the other clan. Clan War servers are MUTUAL; going out of your way as an OP to kick/ban members of the Clan War can and will result in an infraction or ban.

B) When both clans agree to start a Clan War, the server, and any other server this war takes place in will be mutual between the two clans until the conclusion of the war. No less than one member of each clan must be OP'd to assure that the server remains mutual. Once the war is complete, the server is returned to its original creators.

C) Remember that the server is mutual during a clan war, and must be treated as such. Do not mute players unless under special circumstances stated above. If you see your fellow clan members abusing OP powers, be the mature one and De-OP them.

D) It is recommended that each clan stay for the entire Clan War. If you have issues with your war, contact Clan Squad. If you set your "Time Limit" longer than a day, please organize with the other clan before heading off. If another clan leaves for no apparent reason before finishing the war, look for more members of that clan in-game and ask them to help finish the war. If all else fails, contact Clan Squad on Discord.

E) Pinging/crashing should be met with good sportsmanship. If a member of your clan pings/crashes during his match after the first turnframe, please be a good sport and give the opposing team the point. Force-Pinging is against the rules, and can lead to an infraction and/or ban if abused.

F) Rigging clan wars is prohibited and the players/clans involved will be punished at the Clan Squad admin's discretion.

All in all, common sense goes a long way. All general forum rules also apply to Clan Wars.
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