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Official Clans
Official Clans

What does Official mean?

Being an official clan means you're officially recognised by the toribash community! With this comes a few inherent perks and privileges.
  • Your tags change from () to []
  • You get your own sub forum, found at the top of the page
  • You get access to exclusive Official Only perks
  • Some events may be only for official clans - coming soon
  • You get a bit more freedom when posting in your own board. The rules there are generally set by your clan (within reason).
  • Your own moderators. You can set up local mods of your own board so you can help keep it clean yourself. When you apply to become official you get to choose 3 people from your clan to be mods. (we recommend the leadership members)
  • Name and tag security, your tag is protected. Once you get official, even after you die, your tag is safe for 3 years.

How do we become Official?

Now comes the hard part! Applying to become official. Send the application below with the tc to any Clan Squad member, or the Clan Squad administrator.
Clan Name: 
Clan Tag: 
Link to your clan's thread:
Link to any external forums, if you are using one: 
Leaders name:
Moderators you want for your board (no more than 3 of your own clan members):
A paragraph explaining why you think you should be official:
When deciding which clans should become official, the Clan Squad looks at a few things. We look at how actively you play the game. We look at how often, and how well, you use your thread. Your clan thread must be at least 1 month old even if your clan is older. And we look at how much time and effort you have put into your thread and application. You must also have at least 7 members.

There are some costs to applying for official to be aware of! It costs 50,000 toricredits to apply to become official. If denied, you will have 30,000 returned to you.

Managing your Official Clan

Being official comes with its own managerial factors. Knowing where to go and what to do will make your life leading (or helping to lead) an official clan much easier.

How do we recruit people if we don't have a thread in Recruitment Center?

Official clans are expected to use their own thread in their own board for this purpose. All of your specialized threads should be within your own board and not in regular Clan Discussion.

How do I change my board's moderators?

You can change your own moderators at any time (as a leader at least) by messaging the Clan Admin with your request. Remember that you can only have three or less moderators at a time (not including members who are a part of actual staff), so if you already have three then you'll need to remove an existing one. If your request is valid, the Admin will set up the moderators for you.

How do I manage threads and posts? (moderators only)

There is a guide in the FAQ for this.

Activity Checks

Once your clan becomes official, in order to keep the board tidy, you are subject to activity checks.
These checks are performed every 2 months, and uses the following calculations:


Using the above formula, we perform a check.
0-24 points = fail - gain a strike
25-30 points = we'll let your clan know it was close to the mark but it doesn't work against you or anything, it's purely for your own benefit
40+ points = start gaining perk points to be spent

During this system checks would be performed every 2 months, and failing any 2 checks within a 6 month period would result in either having your clan killed, de-officialed or you can appeal the decision (more deets later).
What this means in an example format is:
strike, pass, strike = death/appeal/de-official
strike, strike = death/appeal/de-official
strike, pass, pass = all good

The check also looks at your uploads in the replays and mods boards. If you are an active replay/mod maker, the check will look at the replays or mods you post and count each upload as 10 games played.

tl;dr: it's pretty easy to pass the current checks if your clan is still using the board and/or playing the game in any way

Death, appeals and de-officialisation

If it comes down to it, and your clan unfortunately fails 2 activity checks in 6 months then you come to a choice. The choices available to you are:
  1. Death
  2. De-Officialisation
  3. Appeal

If your clan chooses to die, it will be moved to the dead clans board. The tag and name will be saved but the members will be kicked and the clan essentially shut down.

The standard that will happen if no choice is actually made. Your board will be moved to the dead clans board but your toriclan will be made unofficial and then left alone. Because checks are not performed on unofficial clans, you can remain in this state indefinitely. You can also work your way back to official once active.

The new mechanic introduced is the appeal system.
If the checks showed that it was pretty close, or your clan feels that it deserves another chance then you can appeal. This can only happen once a 2nd activity strike is given.
Your clan gets its second strike within 3 checks, and then the leadership can appeal.
This would be in the form of a pmfrom the leader that compiles all the reasons that the clan believes it should deserve a 2nd chance. It gives you a real chance to rally on your own terms, and we hope it gives a lot of members a reason to remember why they fell in love with toribash in the first place.

CS, SMods and Admin+ would then weigh in on whether that clan deserves another chance.


If a clan passes an appeal, in order to help it survive, they are allowed to post a recruitment thread in the unofficial DSC area to increase their catchment. This will only be allowed during the 6 months post-appeal.


Reviving a dead official clan has one requirement: you must have five willing members lined up, three of which must be former members of the dead clan. If you're good to go, message Clan Management or the Clan Admin for them to confirm. If we think you're good to go, all old members of the clan will be kicked, the clan will be set to unofficial and you will be added to the clan (for free). You can choose to have your old clan thread (if it still exists in the dead clan's board) or make a new clan thread in Clan Discussion.

From here, everything works the same as if you were a regular unofficial clan, except you only have to wait 2 weeks from date of revival to apply for official, as opposed to 4 weeks. However, if you manage to reach official again, you will have the option to regain your old clan's board.
If a revived clan dies while unofficial, or changes its tag, this does not reset any counters. The dead clan's tag is still protected.
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Yeah, I only don't like erthtkv2 because of the mod's name. Make it "tkv2," and the mod will instantly become more popular. This is a valid reason as the name of the mod is still an important feature that no one seems to have yet discussed.