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July - Backwards is 'Yluj'


July could also be thought of as a semi homophone for the phrase 'You die'
July can be pronounced the same way as 'Julie'. Which could be the baby's name.
However Diamond's post 'Maybe maybe' is an anagram for 'Baby Mayeme', which indicates the baby's name could be Mayeme.

Toribash came out on the Wii in July. July is also an anagram for

The clan's values? Ez
Taking the first two letter of each member's names, in the order stated in the clan's rooster:

DiFiCi and CoGe

Edificial and Cogency

Edifice is a noun used to describe buildings and structures that're spectacular whilst Cogency referrers to the quality of being trustworthy.
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I heard you beat us in a war

brb deleting toriclan
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