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HUG's textures showcase
Hi, this is Hug. I've been making textures since... 2010th, I guess. I regret to say that art board is not as active as it was back in the day so there is no point of making a new thread for new heads. Moreover I'd like to have this thread to remember all more or less worthy textures that I've made since then. Sadly back in the day I used to upload images on imgshack(?) hosting so a lot of my very first works are lost in the echo.
This is not a full list of all textures I've made since 2011th but I hardly believe those will be the most important ones.

2010 year

2011 year

2014 year

2015 year

2019 year

Son of Yuggoth (Collab with WeppetKo)

Yogg (Collab with WeppetKo)


The Less You Think - The Less You Feel




Shregr [WIP]

Thank you, Toribash, that you taught me and lots of other artists to graphic design.
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your art work is fuckin sick dude

Thank you a lot!
Looks good bro, especially the collab with usb
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Damn man nice!!, where are the rest though?

For some reason vladimir blood head, 2nd and 3rd img of deep-sea merchant and the colab head dont show up/load at all
@Cold: thank you, dude
@Possesed: Thank you for kind words. Those are all worthy textures I could find atm that are still uploaded somewhere. I don't know what's the problem, I see them all, it just takes a little bit for toribashtextures to show it.


Hi, hug big fan. are you selling any of these art works?
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Really love your deep sea merchant from this year, nice to see an old artist doing art again. Really love all of your work.

Also do you plan on finishing the Stazis set? Love the work on it.
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@Belly: hi, I guess all of them except of unfinished stazis set been sold
@Thanatos: thank you man, was a pleasure to read. I actually do. I think this set is very promising, unfortunatelly am not sure where the head is but I still have mudbox files. I just don't know when I'll be able to do it. Ain't using mudbox for a long period atm.
Hug, If you would like to. Get at me on discord and we can talk prices. I just admire your art. it's very fluid and overall enjoyable to look @
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