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(Tai) Taira wants new sparrers!
Taira clan was founded as a way to try and unite the sparrers of tomorrow, in the hopes that they can learn and progress together to become some of the greats.

when applying, remember that i care more about your attitude to learning how to spar, than your current ability, because ability can be worked on, attitude is however harder.

To apply please tell us;

Your GMT:
Your sparring style:
Your age:
What you hope to achieve:
Why you want to apply for Taira:
Your discord tag (if you have discord):
And please include at least two replays showing your current skill as this will help me rank you.

Thank you

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GMT: -6
I could go for anything that I can think of as long as it looks smooth enough for me to feel that it is good. My age is 16, I hope to achieve a higher capability at realism, as I struggle with minor details, and I feel like being in a clan with people that know more can help me improve. I am wanting to apply for Taira as I hope to achieve a great level of skill with the provided help of the clan and be an active member in toribash.
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My Application
GMT -6
Hi, my name is Nikolas. I am 14 years old, and have been playing Toribash for around 2 years now (I did take a break).
My sparring career started around a month ago. I was taught how to run, and from then on, I decided it would be cool if I learned how to spar.

I am currently trying to learn realism, as it looks very smooth and flowing. There are still things I need to work on, such as keeping a steady momentum, but I can correct my errors quickly.

I believe that being in a community that has people similar to me can really help further my sparring career. It will also help me create friendships and bonds. Joining Taira would mean alot to me.

Extra Stuff:

-I am on Toribash everyday, unless something bad happens
-I am sensitive in terms of emotions
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Beat Saber
I make Music and Art --- PM for Requests

Call me Gus. I'm a 17 years old boy who lives in Indonesia (That's GMT+7 for you). I've spent a few years of my life playing this game and that's also counting the hiatuses I took.

What I've been doing in my spar is collecting momentums as much as I can by doing "rolls" and roundhouses, while also making it look somewhat realistic. I know it's weird and bad but that's what I've been doing so far, so I hope (some of) you guys can give me some advice. I also struggle to deliver proper, powerful hits and when I do, more often than not I wouldn't be able to control it. Timing and proper footing have always been my biggest enemies. With that said, I wish I knew better about my current "style" of sparring, and hopefully be able to somewhat escalate it to a higher level.

To keep it short, I was just browsing through forums looking for tutorials on how to land a powerful kick. Most of the tutorials in the forum are dead, so I just decided to keep looking around for craps and giggles. From that, I ended up in this thread, and I knew right away this is exactly what I've been looking for. A clan which focus are not entirely on clan wars but rather aiming for possibly the hardest thing to do in this game, while forging their members to overcome each other's expectancy.

My Discord is Offlaner#0348. I may not be "too" active in-game, mostly due to me focusing on my study since I'm in my last year and I only have less than 5 months before the final exam, but I hop onto Discord almost all the time (unless if I'm sleeping).

Thank you for reading this, and like what I mentioned before, I hope (some of) you guys are willing to give me a few advice whether I'm accepted or not.
Replays are attached below
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