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Candlehead WIP



around 4 hours so far, drawin in photoshop with cintiq tablet.
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At first glance, i was brought to the flame as I think most people would be. But looking at it for a solid minute now, I cant stop looking at the nose. It's very well crafted and looks great. I know it says WIP, but do you have any plans for the bottom of the head, looks a little bland right now and I'm assuming you've stopped there.

Looks great though.

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

yeah I want it to look like a molten candle, thanks man, I am glad you are staring at it for so long ^^ at least something got ur attention.



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It's looking interesting, as always I like your reddish shadows. The concept is nice but apart from the top part I don't think it conveys too well the "molten candle aspect": in my opinion the most of the melting should happen in a vertical motion while from the way you drew his skin he seems more pressed down than melted. The two droplets help in some way, but some more hints of "dripping" wouldn't hurt, especially on the skin nearer to the flame.

Another thing I noticed is the oversaturation of the yellow zone. It's great to have a focus point but imo it's a bit too much here, it's kind of weird to the point that more than a candle it seems like a yellow portal or an entire campfire on his head. I'd try to remove some of that brightness and use it to define more details up there, like a puddle of molten wax under the flame.

Lastly, the face near the eyes seems a bit flat, as if they were level with his forehead. Problably a bit of shadows wouldn't hurt there. Same thing near the two droplets.

Thumbs up man, keep it up.
Interesting concept, the new wip looks a lot better I think it's still lacking some of the more dynamic shadows for example under the nose and such. Might just be a stylistic preference on my part though, good job over all, it has potential.
Looks good, but I feel the flame needs a little more orange; and I agree with Weppetko on the face melting thing; overall good progress so far
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