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best way to counter shovels in aikido/judo?
its one of those moves that always seems to immobilize me the most and i dont know what else to really do in those instances, the moment i try to defend myself i already get touchdowned by the opponent

also helpful would be how to stay out of trouble like this in the near future, thank you for reading
Show a replay of what exactly you mean by a 'Shovel'.
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^ that

and always try to keep your feet on the ground, avoid getting launched at any cost. and don't forget to have a nice grip.
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You can easily counter shovels, shovels aren't a good and viable choice, it is just a cheap and poorly way to attempt an easy win, raising shoulders and extending pecs drags yourself into the ground, contracting both wrists helps alot, but, be aware of wrist locks and wrist dm/frac techniques, try to stay with your two legs in a firm way on the ground, otherwise you'll gey lifted and thrown around and if you do, you can try to knee dm your opponnent or do the extend pecs raise shoulders contract wrists to get in the ground as soon as possible or your opponent will lift you outside dojo, then in ground you can easily turn around and turn tables, making your opponent dq or suplexing when you trained for suplexes
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