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Clan League 2019

A long held tradition and staple of Toribash arrives.
Get ready for Clan League 2019!

Last year, Alpha achieved their second title in a row. Throughout the year, some members moved on to other clans and fresh blood arrived. There is more than a little debate over whether or not they are the same powerhouse from last year and with more than one 'Dark Horse' to contend with, it's an uphil battle for retention of the crown.

Which of members will be consistent winners? Who will dealing with regrets?

Rules for participation are as follows:

•Anyone found to be in multiple rosters on alternate accounts will be punished with disqualification from the whole event. This includes being in several accounts in one roster
•Failure to complete matches will result in penalties and/or disqualification from the competition.
•The replays for all stages will be uploaded onto either directly onto this thread, or a link to a clans personal replay archive thread for the event in their board if possible.

Due to the success of it last year, we're using the same League Qualification into Knockout system.

group rules

Because Alpha holds Rank 1 from last year, they are exempt from the group stages and go straight to the Knockout rounds.

All clans will go through to the Knockout stage.
This stage will be follow the standard single elimination system, with a reverse gradient seed (Read as: 1st vs 16th, 2nd vs 15th, 3rd vs 14th and so on.)

The 3rd place playoff and the Finals can start now.

Please note the changes for the matches below.

Final matches are first to 21. (Best of 41)
People can play maximum of 9 matches per round. The matches can be split across all mods, or all 9 in one mod
10 matches per mod. Clan that lost previous match chooses the next mod to play.

Deadline is the 1st of September, GMT + 0.
Countdown to deadline ::

Goodluck to everyone.


Group Stage:

Knockout Stage:

You may begin your Knockout matches immediately
Deadline for Semi Final Knockout matches to be finished is 19th August, 2019 GMT+0

•Full Right Arm 3d Items
•Clan Achievement Trophy
•Free ToriPrime for 1 year
•A choice of any item available to purchase in the shop.* (Excluding subscriptions, Tier Packs, and the Ecto / Cyborg Tori packs)
•18 Shiai Tokens
•60k Clan PP
•500K TC

•3d Item
•Free ToriPrime for 1 year
•A choice of any item available to purchase in the shop.* (Excluding subscriptions and packs)
•12 Shiai Tokens
•30k Clan PP
•300K TC

•3d Item
•Free ToriPrime for 6 months
•A choice of any item available to purchase in the shop.* (Excluding subscriptions, collector items, and packs)
•6 Shiai Tokens
•15k Clan PP OR 150K TC

To qualify for prizes you must have played at least a total of 8 games.

We recommend you use discord to organise your matches, you can find a link to the official toribash server here
Feel free to organise matches in your own servers, or however you see fit.
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Replay thread thing
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Also uploaded the replays
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^ funny that... same...
Nice rig guys well played
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^ funny that... same...
Nice rig guys well played

Same bud
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