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Trying to do Oblivion style.
As the title says, I am trying to copy oblivion style and idk, trying to be realistic and do some new things..
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Rissei - underground.rpl (399.5 KB, 16 views)
ya feel me?
Pretty good. Just try to keep up the speed/power. at frame 240 looks like u slowed down/and/or lost some of that speed and sorta took me out of the flow. But other than that pretty cool
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Thanks mata. Well I made this thing without even thinking and just random things, u don't even need to say something about it because i know it would be like " In frame balblal u did blalbalbl and failed ballbalb " i didn't even tried to edit what i did wrong so this happend xd

edit: another boring replay
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Rissei - Desahogo.rpl (446.0 KB, 8 views)
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ya feel me?