Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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Fite Nite Season 2

The greatest event ever held is back with a second season! FIGHTS, BETS, THE BEST!

Collect points and climb up the ladder by challenging anyone you want!

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Just confirming that i will be the one running this. I'll try to have some of the matches on stream and i'll try to think of a good price to give to the top players in the ladder. Thinking of making it real money rn.
let's see if you can defend your title this time too
Challenged: KiraKat (or tau member of his choosing)
Mod: Abd and lenshu3ng on modlist
First to: 7
Stakes: Thronior=200k tc KiraKat= Control over (tau) (becomes an RL sub-clan)
Personal comment: im ok with discussing the stakes
Your GMT: GMT+2
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Challenged: ImFinn
Mod: Abd
First to: 6
Stakes: Yukiie : Deactivated inventory = ImFinn : Deactivated inventory
Personal comment: uwu
Your GMT: +9
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Mako is cute
Challenged: Thronior
Mod: Abd
First to: 6
Stakes: Banker109: 60k = Thronior: 60k
Personal comment: Your going down -_-
Your GMT: +1
By the way all my accounts are banned and so is my main so this is naturally my main
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