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Passing by
Hey guys, just wanted to pop by, say hi and share some of my recent art stuff!! Hopefully some of you still remember me, I used to create art/textures on here since I was 14 so there are a lot memories I have here. Toribash was where I began my digital artistic journey and it was where I got a lot of my support from. I apologise for my absence, if you ever wondered where I went. I've just been up to life stuff.

It has been two years or more since I remember posting anything art related here and I just wanted you guys to know that I'm still practicing art and I still love it very much. I just don't share it here lol, but I would be honoured to bring you guys along my artsy journey, if you're willing. I post my stuff on insta @chaoswithlinus

Here are some stuff that I've been working on: -

big images

Fucking Photobucket...