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I'm making this thread and I'm gonna try to post around a replay per week.

I want to be sure that I can freely improve with time and hopefully just be able to make perfect stuff one day

please dont ignore this, cnc plz my ego is very big
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The opener itself is fine but you fully contract your left knee when going for the scoot, there was also a fast extension of your left knee after it had hit the ground. Right after that swing through and air stuff was finished there you had another rapid knee extension of your right knee this time. Then after the sailor moon -> flash kick you did I was completely expecting a cork, or a cork variant but instead you did this weird hand spin thing that I don't know the name of, this actually looks fine, but it seems like you did it as a cork substitute. Your neck stayed in the extended position throughout the whole flash kick into hand spin into the cork. Speaking of that cork I think you untucked too fast making the spin look slower than it actually is, or maybe it's actually slow? Not sure on that one. Another around frame 500 RKE (rapid knee extension) ANNNND the rest of it looks fine to me.

In conclusion you suffer from RKE! This is an easy fix! just take your time!!

idk why you asked me to cnc if im worse than you lol

I GUESS I can probably upload this
I spent more time with the finishing move instead of with the actual replay itself

weird wip thing mgig
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epicnutswag.rpl (149.4 KB, 17 views)
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left the tricking wip for a bit to have some fun with replay hacking
I guess jisse's john wick replay gave me an idea so thanks mr. jissor

pls watch xd
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1 replay a week huh halue.

quirky replay, I like it. There's a few points where your abs or hip annoys me but that's all. nothing major I can see, just some minor stuff
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i mean its explained in this picture, but no worries im already making another replay to make up for the lack of life

heres the replay xd dont mind the weird holding all positions at the end
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As your friend, I'm required to tell you when your replays aren't up to the expectations everyone has set for you.

This a downgrade from your last replay, or maybe you did those weird positions on purpose, that kinda seems like something you would do. I know I said the quirkiness is good but that's too quirky

Anyway. Everything after the weird-ass opener flows well until the cartwheel. After that im, 91% sure you just threw moves in there to finish the replay. I really like the ending though.

In total I enjoyed the replay, but some of the movements caught me off guard, and I think that's exactly what needs to be avoided in order to make the perfect replay.