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Zephh's Music Thread
Hello everyone! So I've been making music for the past 5 or so years and since I've been getting into Toribash again recently I've decided I should show you guys what I've been up to. I don't stick with one genre, therefore there will be multiple sections with different genres.

Software I use is:
DAW - FL Studio 11 and FL Studio 20
VST - Synths: NI Massive, NI Kontakt, reFX Nexus and Xfer Serum; Effects: FabFilter, iZotope 5, W.A. Production Pumper

Any type of feedback is always appreciated. I've learned everything by myself in my free time, therefore it's more than possible that there's something I can improve on. Thanks to everyone for listening.
● Summer Donuts

Here is my latest project called "Summer Donuts". It's a little tribute to J Dilla in terms of the titling of songs on the project, and some songs themselves. While I wanted to show a J Dilla influence on this project, I also wanted to make it personal, and unique, which ultimately resulted in me putting in couple of songs of a slightly different taste.

● Synthwave:

● Trap:

● Garage/Future Garage:

● Drum&Bass:

● Downtempo:

Songs/projects on my old "Strafe" profile are quite outdated now, but I still figured I'd include them in because I like a lot of them.
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Revolution will never be televised.

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Revolution will never be televised.

I listened to 3 or 4 of them, I liked that the beat in the middle of the song was decent for the ones I listened to. I didn't like that the volume changes so much throughout, that should be reserved for classical music imho, and I didn't like that they were pretty repetitive. I also felt like the middle should have been the beginning for the ones I heard and that it should get faster and more feeling after that. I didn't immediately feel drawn in like when I listen to stuff that's on indie internet radio type places
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