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rifle's magazine
haven't done anything tb related in a very long time, here's a quick one for now, sorry for my mediocrity
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I like the movements in general, they're smooth and flowy which is good.

B U T... I dislike the way you decap you and the way you get uke into the position to decap him. From what I know about ukebashing (which isn't much) You should try to make hits pop out, like what you did with the first hit. The dm you did felt obstructed.

And the way you got him there felt lazy.

Also at 325 you ghosted

I think you just rushed at the end tbh.

I look forward to seeing what you make next.

your gonna lose subscriber bro
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you posted cringebrov2.rpl (184.7 KB, 22 views)
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that's actually pretty cool bro, i like it.

the spins r nice and the dms smooth.
kinda stiff
man im lazy
like, REALLY lazy
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good movement, but lazy booms, u deen work on it 80/10
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