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[TMMA] | TFC - Toribash Fighting Championship

The mission of Team MMA is to inspire collaboration between the best aikidoists, boxers, sparrers, and like minded players of Toribash to explore, develop, and popularize competitive realism in viable mods all across the Toribash servers and community.

Competitive Realism is simply the use of real-world martial-art technique and strategy in a competitive and realistic fight environment.

Real world martial arts includes but is not limited to:
Boxing - Muay Thai - Taekwondo - Wrestling - Judo - Brazilian jiu-jitsu

The TFC is our collaborative effort to mirror the real world Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC. Thanks to Sushiroll we now have the most realistic fighting mod to date and when combined with the 10-Point-Must System we can effectively emulate a real-world, mixed-martial art championship. Ideally this will be an ongoing event where fight cards are announced periodically to determine who fights who. The winners will climb the TFC rankings to earn their title shot to become the TFC Champion.

1. The entry fee for TFC is 3,000 TC for Team MMA members and 6,000 TC for non-members. This is a one-time fee.

2. 3-500 frame rounds in s_mma_tfc2.tbm. All main events will be 5 rounds.

3. 10 point scoring by three judges based on significant strikes, grappling transitions, and cage control.

4. Total Submission victory by an armbar, kneebar, triangle, or RNC held to the end of the round, for at least 80 frames.

5. Total TKO victory by dominant Ground n’ Pound sustained to the end of the round, for at least 80 frames.

6. If a match is declared to be a draw, there will be one overtime round.

7. A fighter's rank will be penalized if they do not fight within two weeks of their card announcement.

8. Winners of each fight on the main card will receive 5,000 tc. Winners of each fight on the prelims will receive 3,000 tc.

9. A Judge should be present during the fight. If no judges are available, a member will do. Post .rpl of each round in #tfc-replays and mention the role @Judge.

Performance Bonuses
-Fight of the Night: 5,000 tc to both fighters. Goes to whichever fighters put on the best fight of the card.

-Move of the Night: 5,000 tc. Goes to whoever lands the coolest move of the card.

TFC Octagon Mod (V2): s_mma_tfc2.tbm

The TFC is now a community event for EXPERIENCED MMA/MAS/sparring players. This mod can be very unforgiving to new Toribash players and even veteran players who lack experience in high-gravity environments that require balance. If you have read our TFC Rules above, and you are interested in being placed on the next available TFC card - copy and submit the TFC application below.


If you plan on fighting in the TFC, please join our discord to get involved with TMMA and practice with other fighters. We also have a #gifs channel where you can see tons of badass MMA fights in Toribash.

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Results from TFC 3:
- Hamfisted defeats Danewninja via decision.
- Seagal defeats Icyl via decision
- Dogki12 defeats Bladerunnr via overtime split decision
- ShrekGod defeats Bongdabang via decision
- Lullll defeats Hawk152 via decison
- Dzage defeats Furkan3541 via decision
- iPrime defeats Hugsteur via overtime decision

Fight of the Night:
HamFisted vs. Danewninja

Move of the Night:
Dogki's Sanda Sweep


TFC 4 is now underway!

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Love seeing this event unfold. Unfortunately I'm not able to play atm, I'd love to get my ass beat, but really, really cool event.

Great job guys.
Bets for the Main Event are currently open.

Betting Rules:
1. Bets aren’t official until tc is transferred to Rouxster (check discord for update) via forums. Make sure to include a message of who you are betting on.
2. Minimum bet is 1000 tc.
3. Judges who are judging the fight are not allowed to bet.
4. Selfbets are only allowed for main and co-main events.
5. 20% of the pot goes to Team MMA.
6. 5% of the pot goes to the winning fighter.
7. Bets are closed once the first round of the fight begins.
8. If a fight ends up being forfeited, all bets will be refunded.
If you’re interested in placing a bet, all you have to do is let me know who you’re betting on and send me the tc. Bet payouts are calculated using the same formula used to pay out ingame bets.
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