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Blueprint Bash

Have you ever had a great idea for an item but lacked the tools to realize it? Well we're here to help! Pitch your idea and have it realized by our very own Item Forgers!

Pitch an idea for a new item and give us a name, you can also make anything from the likes of a video to an MS paint drawing to accompany your idea!

-No plagiarism
-Collaborations are allowed, but prizes will be split.
-Only one item submission per person is allowed, if you try to circumvent this by using an alt all of your entries will be invalidated.
-Your entry must include: written pitch + sketch of the item and a name, advertising material is optional but encouraged.

The best entry will have their idea fully realized into an item in the Torishop! They will also receive:
8 Shiai Tokens
A copy of their designed item
75,000 TC

Honourable mentions will receive:
4 Shiai Tokens
25,000 TC

The deadline is 19:00 PM GMT on May 10th 2020

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Really interested in this event!
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Got this question in PMs, thought I'd post it in the thread aswell.
Originally Posted by Angels
so yeah i'd like to ask about this....
1. what is written pitch? item description?
2. advertising material?
i dont think i need to ask any more question lol
thank you for yer time

1. A written pitch is basically where you describe what you want the item to be, you can include an item description if you want but it isn't necessary.
2. Advertising material would just be anything you'd consider to be an advertisement for your product, you can make an MS paint image about how cool your item is or a full video advert! You don't have to make anything though if you don't want to.

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А вот это интересно...
Господа переводчики, будьте добры, переведите текст, пожалуйста.
Я буду искренне благодарен
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Я переведу Вашу идею на английский, если нужна помощь, пишите ПМ или дискорд thordale#6609
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I present to each and everyone of you, Torifellas and Torichicas alike,
the specially crafted, handmade limited edition Gucci Ski Goggles.

The Gucci Ski Goggles have been a fashion icon only represented and worn by the best and the most supreme Toribash warriours that have ever touched the Earth. A glitch in the system occurred and they were wiped out, but I still had the blueprints to the Gucci Ski Goggles themselves.

Here, I will demonstrate to everyone reading as to why
these Gucci Ski Goggles should be available in the game.




Please consider this an extremely serious inquiry, as I am thankful for all consideration and attention my product receives.

Thank you.
a t-posing tori as a back item i think it would be really sick like a tori that you can customise and put on the back of your tori

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Yet Another Goomba Post/Thread
Hello here!

I come here with some ideas( so it's kitsune tail... yes.. it's just tail. so let's check it

Kitsune tail

also if it posible make it UPGRADEABLE ITEM with custom texture.



its pretty simple idea. thanks for reading
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