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Belts, Qi and Rank
Very sorry if someone posted this already. I know that Ishi posted the belts already but that was in the game forum, but this is the tutorial forum where people look for information. That is why im posting this.

This whole thread is based on how many matches you have played.

Just as above, Belts are based on how many matches you have played, They are ranked like this:

White Belt: 0-19 Matches
Yellow Belt: 20-49 Matches
Orange Belt: 50-99 Matches
Green Belt: 100-199 Matches
Blue Belt: 200-499 Matches
Brown Belt: 500-999 Matches
Black Belt: 1000-1999 Matches
Second Dan: 2000-2999 Matches
Third Dan: 3000-3999 Matches
Fourth Dan: 4000-4999 Matches
Fifth Dan: 5000-5999 Matches
Sixth Dan: 6000-6999 Matches
Seventh Dan: 7000-7999 Matches
Eighth Dan: 8000-8999 Matches
Ninth Dan: 9000-9999 Matches
Tenth Dan: 10000-14999 Matches
Master Belt: 15000-19999 Matches
Custom Belt: 20000-49999 Matches
God Belt: 50000-99999 Matches
One Belt: 100000-999999 Matches
Elite Belt: 1000000+ Matches

Qi is now determined on how many matches you have played also. 1 match = 1QI, 1000 matches = 1000 QI. Therefore to gain a qi restricted item such as typhon, you need to play 5000 matches to require it from the torishop. You may buy QI and QI boosters also. One match = Two matches for the QI boosters.

Note: Even if you look for a Master belt to buy Pure/Elf from them. It wont work. You still need the right amount of QI To Be Able to trade the item with the person and recieve the item.

The ranking system is based partially on your Qi and partcially on how many matches you win or not. if you have just started, you are unranked, because you havent played any matches to determine your rank. If you have fairly high qi such as 15000, you will most likely be in the mid 30's for your rank. If you buy QI, it will not show in your rank. Because you havent played those matches, you have bought them.
The Top Six Ranks Are:

Jepoy: Rank 1
Tripstone: Rank 2
Odlov: Rank 3
Hector: Rank 4
Werd: Rank 5
Groza: Rank 6

Just because these people have high rank, it doesnt mean they're the best :P

Take care
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Very, very outdated.

I might edit it in a bit...

Also, nice to have this info on the forums, but you might want to go into more detail as to how the ranking system works (it's partially based on Qi and partially based on whether you actually win matches or not).
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thanks Alessandro, i was looking for one of these this afternoon. I'm sure it will clear alot of things up
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one question,
God Belt: 50000-99999 Matches
One Belt: 100000-999999 Matches
Elite Belt: 1000000+ Matches

can you still have a custom belt title for those belts AFTER custom belt? also, has anyone ever gotten to Elite Belt? or even One Belt?
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Dont forget the QI boosters =P
That means 1 match = 2 matches = 2 QI
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