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Market Squad Recruitment Drive
Market Squad Recruitment
As of now, the Market Squad is currently looking to pick up fresh meat.

The life of a squid is a simple one; all you have to do is moderate the Market section of the forums, as well as to investigate cases of scam that are posted in Scam Reports. Easy enough, right?

What specifically will I be doing?

The Market Squad are a group of forum moderators that specialize in the general regulation of the market forums and solving scam reports; they also play relevant roles in market-related policy discussion. Your general work consists of handling active scam reports, moderating the entirety of the Market board, approving Verified TC Seller threads, and handling Market-related reports.

Be aware that the position may require a fair portion of your time, as the Market section is a big part of the forum and has a whole list of rules you'll need to enforce.
There's no particular application format. However, we expect you to highlight exactly what you contribute to the team, and your GMT.

Tips? We don't have any, but DARGON DOES!

Where do I send my application?

Send all your applications to any member of the Market Squad or Creati0n, please DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATIONS HERE.

After you have sent in your application and the recruitment drive is announced closed, keep in mind that it may be a fair amount of time before all applications we have selected are accepted. Being patient and biding your time is the appropriate option in this situation. Applications that have been accepted will receive a PM stating so, and will receive instructions on what to do from this point forward as a member.

We are currently interested in recruiting a number of new Market Squad members, and recruitment will be closed 2 weeks after the original post. Please don't be shy to apply; we are looking for anyone and everyone who is interested to send in their applications.

Also: For anyone who has recently applied, please resubmit your application if you are still interested.


If you have any general questions, please post them in this thread. A Market Squad member or a staff member that works with the Market Squad will make sure to answer your question.
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Are there any benefits of being in MS or is it altruisitc thing ?
How much time a member of MS should waste on forums ?
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would you ever accept an application of mine? i'd like to join
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Are there any benefits of being in MS or is it altruisitc thing ?
How much time a member of MS should waste on forums ?

Well as an MS, you do get rewards for doing the job but I wouldn't recommend applying if you're only looking for some reward. To do the job of an MS (or really any role for tb), you must be passionate for that area (in our case the market and scams) to improve upon them.

About being on the forum, you don't need to be on it literally 24/7. Yes it requires more time than something like ES but you only need to hop on a few times a day to get reports and scams. But obviously that changes depending on how many reports/scams come in during a day or a week.

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would you ever accept an application of mine? i'd like to join

Why don't you apply and find out ;)
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Thanks to everyone who submitted an application! We’ll come back in a couple of days with the accepted trials.
Welcome Charm and AlteredCode as our two new MS trials! We may be taking on one more in the next two weeks, so if you've sent in an app and weren't accepted here, don't be discouraged just yet! I'll post here again whenever we're completely done considering applications.

Thanks to everyone who applied!