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Music Production Lessons
Hello Toribash users,

Recently it's been brought to my attention that there is a desire for me to post a thread regarding music production, specifically lessons for beginners or even advanced music producers here on the forums. So, here it is.

I'll be offering lessons on music production for the foreseeable future here on the forums, if you're interested in getting into music production or even just have questions regarding a track you've created, I'd be happy to help.

There are some requirements that I'll list below if you'd like to participate, as well as a few rules I'll lay out to ensure that lessons go smoothly and don't turn more problematic as I've experienced in the past here on TB.

  • Beginners introduction to FL Studios (This included the DAW's layout, function, advantages)
  • Using and Understanding VST's (This includes built in FL VST's as well as 3rd party VST's)
  • Understanding the Mixer (This includes the mixers function, as well as mixer FX)
  • Automation and its Purpose (This includes how to automate, why to automate, how it can be used in creative ways)
  • How to Arrange a Track (This is simply advice on how to put your ideas on the project board, in ways that make sense)
If interested, or if the above lessons are deemed unnecessary, advanced lessons include...

Advanced Curriculum
  • Designing Sounds (This includes how to design a sound on any VST, and why you should design your own sounds)
  • Advanced Sound Design (This includes FM/AM/Waveshape usage as well as layering)
  • Mixing Basics (This includes EQ usage, stereo shaping, volume control, loudness, compression)
  • Advanced Arrangement (This includes advanced song structure concepts)
  • Understanding Melody (My most advanced lesson, including my own theory of melodic structure as well as understanding of incorporating melodic arrangement into song arrangement)
  • Fruity Loops Studios, any version. Although, I can assist in production with the following DAW's (Logic Pro, Abelton Live). Depends on what you're looking to learn, if you're simply trying to understand VST's for example this may not matter.
  • Communication through Discord. I do all my lessons on Discord, through the screenshare function. You do not necessarily need to use your microphone during lessons, but it is highly recommended.
  • Acceptable internet connection is also required, I cannot count the times I've had to cancel lessons due to inadequate connection to a student.
Basic Rules
  • Keep a beginners mind, do not enter into a lesson with me assuming you are an expert. Simply makes concepts more challenging to absorb.
  • Attempt to remain optimistic, regardless of initial progress. Many times I've had students drop my classes when I provide examples they cannot reproduce, remember you are here to learn and you will in time.
  • Remember the difference between objectivity and subjectivity. Not everything in music is subjective as some believe, there are indeed objectively wrong ways to go about certain music production tasks.

If you would like to participate, feel free to post here with your Discord information, or send me a PM. In addition, you can simply add me on Discord and inform me you are interested. G. Egil Gallardo#5407

I'll be using this thread to announce new lessons as well as group sessions if anyone is interested in that, so check back for any additional information.

PM me with any and all questions

Greetings everyone, I have been getting far more responses than I initially anticipated, and the sheer number of participants is soon going to become rather problematic.

Due to this unforeseen response, and in the interest of making the lessons as beneficial as possible for everyone, I will soon be adding an entry fee to new participants.

This will hopefully deter some of the less passionate students from participating, and thus lowering the number of new students I'll receive once this change goes into effect.

This will not effect students that are already participating in the classes, and who choose to participate from now until the change does indeed take effect.

Thank you for your understanding, and if this thread now needs to be moved due to the fact that it will no longer be a free service soon, please let me know.
PM me with any and all questions