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Twitch Weekend

Hi and welcome to Twitch Weekend!
This weekend, stream or watch Toribash on Twitch and receive a special edition of a brand new Streamer Headphones 3D item!
Twitch Drops will be available for claiming from September 25th, 2020 until September 28th, 2020

Twitch Drops reward

Streamer Headphones (Twitch Edition)
A special version of Streamer Headphones item made by Nokia

Getting eligible for Twitch Drops

- Link your Toribash account to Twitch using Twitch page on forums: https://forum.toribash.com/twitch.php
- Watch any active Toribash stream or stream Toribash with at least 1 viewer for 15 minutes or longer
- Get the drop reward added* to your account

* Drop rewards are distributed in batches every 10 minutes, so it may actually take longer for the reward to get delivered

Have fun!
Bruh we farming GoughyR's stream right now for this
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Gottem, thank you.
Very nice
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I think i learned of this too late! checked to see if there were any streams and zero were online, i'll try later on the day.