UncleLeo just made me realize what else could be on a package:
- quotations/comments

Yeah, unfortunately this considers on you yourself buying your own "textures" worldwide from markets, mall, shops, that is, unless if I have MORE time to mass produce Toribash textures on stickers or paint or sprays - yeah, dream on. This is one idea as it is a customizable textures figure, if I made it look like Tori or any other character, it is another idea that is not customizable by textures but just would look better than a customizable textures figure because it would take a long time to find the right materials and put on the exact look of the texture. So basically this has more freedom for the user themselves, going outside to buy their own need of textures worldwide.
*Double Post*
Well, today I got to visit the factory to see the progress of my action figure…
Very left and right: pegs/screws to insert in joints
Left: undone blocks for lumbar and abs
Middle: the action figure

All parts of the action figure

The process of making the figure:

Design Intention and Dimensions:

Upload to Another Application to Transfer Information to Machine:

The Machine:

And finally gets painted in the painting room, no picture because the painting room closed

I’m pretty sad to say that the shoulders that connect to the pecs are swivel joints and not hinge joints because the project manager of molding house/manufacture told me it was too difficult for that to be successful and instead of independent joints of the pecs and the chest they were all joined together as a torso that is similar in form as most other original action figures. When I looked at the head it wasn’t supposed to be like that because in my original design it was an orthographic of Tori while the whole figure was supposed to be white as of suggested by veb because this is a better idea the fact that the users have more freedom to customize the look of their own figure, so I argued a bit and they agreed to remake the head to a total white sphere instead of having a unpainted bulged a bit out band that could be obviously seen even if painted white. The figure is not yet to its full state, the block that connects the lumbar and the abs will be attached on and finished later.
Sorry for all these changes, and no it cannot be stopped and redone (it will have to start over).

Anyway I decided a title for my package:
Customizable Textures

What will be on the package:
- Plastic sheet window
- Title
- For ages
- Title
- Price
- Item number
- Made in
- Image of product
- Logo
- Game name
- Game website
- None
Left side:
- Quotations/Comments
Right side:
- Description
If there needs to be copyright/registration/trademark approvals to be made please tell me right away.
*Reason for double post: Important post*
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Holy shit! Could there be a splinter edition with my textures? Like "ToriToys! Splinter edition" lol.

Awesome man! So awesome! Great job!
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Ok mate. You are really AWESOME ! You have all my respect, and congratulations. Seriously, congratulations. I think you're gonna have something from the community or from veb... I'm pretty sure of it. You must be student, am I right ?

In any case, really, great job and grats ! Bravo !

its so beautiful <3

Very nice work sir, been reading this thread from the start, can't wait to see how it goes from here :D


I've also been reading it from the start! Amazing progress man! Two thumbs up etc.

PS: Dalir edition go!
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* stix looks at all the parts

I'm guessing some assembly required, right? o-o