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Bug I've found
So you can login into whatever account you want just by typing the nickname as login and random password.I still didn't totally figure out how it works, but I tried to do that with person named "Guard", (I will put screenshot as proof).
It worked, I could see his accounts details like I was logged in into mine, but I couldn't do anything with the acc at all, either than watching his replies and playing singleplayer. So since I couldn't buy, sell or at least play with the acc this isn't a very big deal, but still it needs to be fixed, I tried to find another thread about this, but didn't find anything, I don't know, this may be a well known bug, but still.

I actually figured out how it works, I can loggin into whatever account I want, fun but tbh, I can't do anything but I can see someone using this to give catfish
fun bug tbh, but I can see someone using this to catfish*
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It's called copying the files in their custom folder and putting them into yours

I don't really think you can login into accounts just by typing random passwords
not by typing random pasword, I can tell you how to do that, try yourself
1.first of all logout
2.Log in into your account like usual
3.join public boxushu
4.log out and type the nickname you want to log in, leave the password as usual

at least that's what I do for it to work

Edit: also how would I know how much tokens they have, there's no way you can know it from public account details
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try hampa and i think u will get banned.. i got banned 6 years ago for trying to log in as hampa because i saw it in a yt video lol
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if you use the steam version it gives you the belt achievements if the person you chose is a higher belt
Actually probably a bug, goes in Technical Support. May or may not be fixed, that's up to the developers.
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This is from like 2011, if you enter the server you have just no password for, or it just doesn't connect you, you can go to login page and enter any name and password you want, it will "login" you. But you can't do anything to the account, since password was wrong and it didn't authorize you, but I guess you can have all the steam achievements of the account you are "logged in to".

i mean all the achievements account can get you but actually same thing
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