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[PUBLIC POLL]Petition to make Alejandro legend.
As aptly named user Alejandro2 claimed in this very post:
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Where Would Toribash Be If Hampa Actually Made Alejandro Legend.

It has been brought to the attention of many loyal Toribash users and consumers that one of the main perplexities poised by gamers lies on the fact that legendary user Alejandro is -somehow- still not legend; It is rumored that this is due to the possibility of him being a Ninja member, with powers beyond the role of a torilegend and the desire to keep a low profile, this however can be debunked by the obvious notoriety of legendary user Alejandro and his artistic work on the Toribash forums.

Legendary user Alejandro has brought years upon years of extreme influence on the Toribash forums and the community as a whole. There is not a single user who would not trade places with him in the realm of wibbles experience- elerk browsing, winning every clan war possible, being shop of the month once in 2012 for a shop that did not sell one item, make 300 users change the name to Alejandro in one single day, dedicate years towards the cause of filling the clan board of Creamy Horse Mouths with cum, bridging the gap between PT-BR users with spanish speaking Latin members, reconciling the relationships between Syria and Lebanon; and the list can go on and on.

It is not an exaggeration to claim that legendary user Alejandro is a perfect being.

This is why I think it is time to propose a democratic method on the induction of legendary user Alejandro into the hall of fame Toribash elite, finally touching the symbolic sistine chapel of gamerhood, and the only method to achieve this is with a public poll.

The conditions are simple, just click yes on the box section above the title to make legendary user Alejandro properly legend.

I implore every faithful follower of legendary user Alejandro to PM this thread to those responsible of legendhood (I figure it would be the British crown) and Hampa to bring attention to this issue, which is the main issue disturbing Toribash users ever since the conception of legendary user Alejandro. Thank you for reading.
Signed, hampa do et
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never forget wibbles never forget the art never forget the Alejandro!

[Evil] is recruiting!

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never forget wibbles never forget the art never forget the Alejandro!

Just never forget already, dude!
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Also Ale saved [w] from clam police, so Ale is the man, the most legendary man tb ever met
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