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"welcome" to my request sto're!

check my portfolio

This is for requests, high-grade elite art for people who want crème de la crème, I can make sets, heads, epic-scale designs of your tori, have that mf in a dojo, immortalize that decap that got you $500 in bets, be creative with it.
Toribash-related examples

Non-toribash related examples of things I've made: (Click for full size)

I am still not legend which I should be as the best artist in the platform with shop of the month one time in 2012... it's long overdue

discord for easier communication

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Would you be willing to accept ETH as a form of payment?

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Would you be willing to accept ETH as a form of payment?

I am open to mostly all forms of payment so yeah B')! I take TC at the regular conversion rate and most of my prices (ex: 1 2048x1024 head) start at $50 depending on the commission itself, a full set would be around the $200 ballpark (depending on the commission and resolution)

I am also interested in large-scale designs (like the back-in-my-day clan pictures for example), the pricing of which depends entirely on the commission itself

Don't be afraid to ask or contact me I don't bite clients I only bite women
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uploading a good addition to da portfolio rn (remaking the picture cause i lost the non watermarked version heheheh) working on yet another set rn
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posting this one because I loved doing it and I'd absolutely adore doing some tori portraits honestly, this one will probably become a set eventually !!

Since I've gotten a lot of questions, all of these are made to order, i.e. confection, commission work, I don't make sets to sell them I make only custom works catered to the client's needs, i.e. "I want a duke nukem set, 512x full joint"

I feel like I needed to clear that up