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Single Player Cup 2022

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night everyone and welcome to the 2022 Single Player World Cup! It's been a few years since this was hosted so for those who may not know here's a little introduction.
This event is the top event for single player replay makers across the globe, THE place to throw down and prove you're the best.
This event will be an open qualifying round, followed by 5 rounds to narrow down 32 competitors to just 1 winner.

To qualify all you have to do is send in your best replay. Anything goes, 750 frames max, must be a new replay. You must submit this via discord dm to me and only me [Charkra#2388]. It won't count if you submit it anywhere else, or to anyone else and it must be the .rpl file. If you made the replay in a custom mod please include the mod with the replay otherwise I may not be able to view it. To prove that it is a new replay, the ENGAGE DISTANCE must end in a 1. For example, the engage distance can be 101, 151, anything so long as the last number is a 1. If your replay does not do this I will send it back to you and shout at you. (ask for a new one)*
*If the mod you are using alters the engagepos, then that number must also end in a 1 for verificiation. You may also use the ingame replay submission system now! Just go ingame, to the news tab and on the right click the SP cup banner.

Rounds 1 -> Final:
From that point on, we will pick the top 32 replays and put forward themes that your replays must play on. We'll half the number of contestants until we have just 1 left standing, at which point we will have our 2022 SP Cup Champion!
The themes for each round will be announced and edited into the OP of this thread upon announcement so that we don't have anyone trying to get ahead of the game!

Some minor rules as formalities.
Don't steal replays.
Follow the criteria for each round
Hacking is allowed
Changing the mod (unless otherwise specified) is allowed
No collabs (unless otherwise specified) are allowed

The deadlines may alter depending on how deep in the tournament you are so STAY VIGILANT.
For the Qualifying Round you'll have 10 days from the date this tournament is posted. I may extend this if we're still getting entries, but this will be the only extension. All other deadlines are final with 0 negotiation, if you enter we assume you have the time.

The reason the replay must be sent to me and only me is because I will be anonymising the replays before passing them onto our expert judges.
Oh yeah, we have some expert judges by the way;
Fred: replay maker extraordinaire, vastly talented, wonderful human being and a blessing to have involved with this tournament. Previously an ORMO recruiter, so helped set the standard.
Tabby: Technical excellence combined with creativity, and a monster in the replay boards providing cnc to the community by the bucketload.
Iris: Incredible replay maker, particularly dangerous in -30, their expertise will come in super handy! Extra shoutout for helping set this event up.
Tsuion: The winner of the last SP cup, all the way back in 2015! Agreed to come out of retirement just to help judge this event, what a sweetheart!
Flash: You know, Flash? Replay making legend. Yeah. That Flash.

1st Full set of 512 joint + body textures, Trophy Item & achievement, Unique 3d item, VIP and a 3 month Premium Market subscription. + 40ST + 200,000TC

2nd Full set of 256 + joint + body textures, Trophy item & achievement, Unique 3d item, VIP and a 1 month Premium Market Subscription. + 30ST + 100,000TC

3rd Full set of 128 joint + body textures, Trophy Item & achievement, Unique 3d item and VIP + 20ST + 50,000TC

There will be additional prizes for the best replay in each round! This will net you a 3D item from the shop and some ST!


If there are any questions ask them here or poke me on discord.
Right then folks, we're looking forward to all your entries, get involved and let the games begin!

Art by Hagan.
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Originally Posted by Vesuvius View Post
So if i change my engage distance i need to put an 1 at the end of the number ?

Yea, in order to verify that it's a new replay, we ask that all replays have 1 at the end of their ED (and/or engagepos).
Community Manager, contact me with any issues or suggestions!