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Rags 2 Riches

This is a chance for you marketeers to put your money where your mouth is, and, battle it out to earn the most TC! If you're the best, surely you can go from Rags to Riches, right?

Each participant will be given an account with 20,000 QI (so you can acquire any item you need), and you will use this account to facilitate your marketing. A special character will be applied to the beginning of the username to restrict the account from being used in-game. Once the event has come to an end, the account will be permanently banned. You will be given 5k to start marketing with (provided by you as an entry fee). From there, you will receive a PM with your R2R account information. This account will be used to buy and sell items in order to gain TC. At the end of the event, your placement will be based solely on HOW MUCH TC YOU HAVE ON YOUR R2R ACCOUNT. Items will not be taken into consideration, so make sure to sell all your things!

To compete in this event, post in this thread indicating that you have sent 5,000 TC to Marketeers

Signups start July 10th and end July 15th.

1. You may not acquire TC from any source except from selling items, this includes asking people for substantial discounts due to the event.

2. You are not allowed to market using textures (art) due to the fact that they're non-verifiable and will be difficult to keep track of.

3. Any transactions made should be completed through either: a) SafeTrade, or, b) through the market. (You are not allowed to send TC directly, or, receive an item directly to or from a user). (Except for sending Lucci items for achievements)

4. If you receive 3 infractions on your R2R account, you will be disqualified from the event, and, any TC and items accumulated will be confiscated.

5. You are not allowed to use PayPal or any other form of real-life money transfers in order to gain items or TC.

6. Do not post anywhere other than the Items and Flame Particle Boards, it will be deleted and you will receive an infraction.

7. Only one entry per person. Users who attempt to enter the event on multiple accounts will be disqualified and subject to further punishment if deemed appropriate.

*Please note: any users found transferring items to or from their event account for any reason other than legitimate marketing within the confinements of the event rules will face immediate disqualification and an account ban on their main account.

Originally Posted by Lucci View Post
Heyo everyone! Looks like everyone is taking the market by storm. I have come to relay just a new update to the terms of this event. We are monitoring everyone's TC balance and where the items come from that are on their accounts. We have noticed some "strange" transactions that we cannot confirm or deny are a bit suspicious. We'd like to amend that any sale must be finalized through the forums! We would like to be able to track any and every transaction from the inception of the deal to the deal being completed. You may use discord to chat, but the final decision must be in a market thread. Failure to follow this will result in that transaction being null and void, resulting in a infraction on your R2R account. Thanks for understanding and happy marketing!


1st Place

A One-Of-A-Kind 3D Item
3 month of Premium Shop in Marketplace
A Custom User Title made by the Squids
100% of the their TC Earned
Allowed to keep their 20k QI R2R account

2nd Place

75% of their TC Earned
Void Pack
1 month of Premium Shop in Marketplace
A Custom Runner-up User Title made by the Squids

3rd Place

50% of their TC Earned
Elf Pack

Everyone who participates and makes it through the event will still receive 20% of their total earnings on their main accounts as well. Do note this just means TC, items will not be able to be transferred from the account!

We've came this time around with a new twist! In order to bolster your incentive to market as hard you can, we've come up with these fine Achievements for you all to strive for. Each achievement may only be redeemed once. In order to redeem an achievement you must:

1.) Complete what the Achievement requires you to do.

2.) Notify an MS member, so we can properly vet and check that it was completed.

3.) Profit!!

Its just that simple! Please note that these achievements can only be redeemed via your Rags2Riches accounts.

To redeem the rewards, you must provide screenshots to prove that you have completed the achievement. Discord chats will not be accepted.
All transactions will be monitored. If we find any irregularities while completing the achievements, you can be disqualified from the competition and receive more severe punishments in your main account.

Profit at least 5,000 TC by selling any Force item (+8,000 TC)
Spend 5,000 TC or more on a single item (+10,000 TC)
Complete 3 deals in a [Shop] tagged thread in the Market Board (+10,000 TC)


Send Boreal Force + Boreal Relax to Lucci (+10,000 TC)
Send Full Body 128x128 (With Head) to Lucci (+50,000 TC)
Send Azurite Blood to Lucci (+15,000 TC)
Sell 10 items in the item Market (+20,000 TC)
Sell a Magnetite Torso in the Market (+10,000 TC)
Profit at least 10,000 TC by selling any Relax item (+15,000 TC)
Complete 8 deals in a [Shop] tagged thread in the Market Board (+20,000 TC)
Host 5 Auctions and sell any items (+20,000 TC)


Send Obsidian Scythe + Demon Horns + Demon Wings to Lucci (+100,000 TC)
Send Anime Hair + Anime Bow + Anime Umbrella to Lucci (+50,000 TC)
Sell 3x 512x512 Head Textures in the Market for at least 18,000 TC each (+40,000 TC)
Send Full Void to Lucci (+175,000 TC)
Sell a Static Force in the Market (+40,000 TC)

Buy any item and profit at least 25,000 by selling it in less than 24 hours (+50,000 TC)
Complete 20 deals in a [Shop] tagged thread in the Market Board (+50,000 TC)

There are three types of auctions that Market Squids will host during this event. Some will be normal auctions, and some... a little different. These auctions will be for Rags2Riches accounts only. Here are the different auctions you may see:

Regular Auctions - Normal auctions with normal items,
Silent Auctions - A normal auction except all of the bids will be done via private message to the account AuctionHouse, but please be aware that people are allowed to say what they bid on the thread(and it may not be true)!
Blind Auction - Participants will not know what item is being auctioned, only a starting price. However, you will get a little hint of what the item might be!

The daily trades are trade offers that any R2R player can redeem once per day. Every day there will be a different offer, so if you find one you like, send any MS member a PM to let them know you are redeeming your daily trade, and send them your half of the offer!

Todays Daily Trade!

Send: Velvet Force - Receive: Anime Bow

1st Place Custom Item!


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Big win. Let's get this.
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You've successfully sent 5000 ToriCredits to Marketeers.

How long will the event run for?
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You've successfully sent 5000 ToriCredits to Marketeers.

How long will the event run for?

The event is 3 weeks long, I added the deadline to the OP!
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Sweet. Thanks Athin.

Are you allowed to trade items for other items, or do all transactions need to be tc and items?
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Sweet. Thanks Athin.

Are you allowed to trade items for other items, or do all transactions need to be tc and items?

Of course king. And either is perfectly acceptable, as long as all the rules are being followed.
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i am like 99,99% sure that i own that bow item but just havent bothered to add it in the game yet i hope no one thinks that they are going to get it lol

The bow is not apart of the prize. Only the helmet will be issued for first place!

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