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The Collector: Week II

Welcome to week 2 players, I was very pleased with last weeks entries but lets get back to work...

I am The Collector, a scholar, a learner. I wish to continue my studies,
and I believe you can help with that. I possess what's left of my family's fortune
and I'm willing to
compensate the player that stands out the most.

At the end of each week one winner will be rewarded..

At the end of each month, a player will win a larger reward...

As time passes I will reveal a piece of my story. It is one shrouded with mystery..


I've decided to award Faidin, Halu and Zeratoule
for their exemplary parkour replays, Astounding...

You have a variety of options when it comes to submitting replays. You can do /submit on discord to leave me a replay.You can drop a replay on this thread. Or you can post replays as you normally do, as I’ll always be watching. I will always be collecting...


I will only count a reward towards the one who submits.

Due: 09/25

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i heard lowkido
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