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Events: Everything about events

Everything about them, explained.

This guide will walk you through and familiarize you with these "events" you see around the forums and in-game.
What are they? How many of them are there? Why are they? We'll be answering all of it here.

What are events?
Events are competitions structured with an objective or goals that one would have to attain or accomplish, in order to win the prize stated in the event. Now events come in different scales and in varying platforms. The different types of events will be elaborated on later in this thread.

Who can host an event?
Events can be hosted by anyone. However, if you've been around you will have noticed certain groups that are observed to host events consistently and from there we understand the categorization of the event's organizing body.

Community-hosted events - are hosted by members of the Toribash Community. As long as you have apprised yourself of the rules and guidelines of creating and successfully hosting an event, you too can come up with an idea and host the competition yourself!
ES Events - are events that are hosted by the Event Squad, who are a staff group dedicated to hosting competitions and fun events, making the game enjoyable for all. You can read more about them >here<.
Official Events - come directly from Nabi, the developer entity of this game.
Clan Events - are regular community hosted events but the host (organizing body) is usually a clan coming together.

Yes, that's right. You can host an event too. However, ensure that you have properly read and understood the >Event Board & Event Hosting rules< before you attempt to host an event. You may even apply for additional sponsorship from the Event squad >here<!

How many kinds of events are there?
Oh boy, you'll want to sit down for this one and grab some tea. Events can occur via 3 primary means; forums, in-game or client. Now each of these have subdivisions as the type of events can vary. I've organized it below for you to read up on.

Forum Events
Forum events happen on the forums, or more accurately, through the forums. These are all the events you see listed on the >Events board<. The possibilities here are endless as the events themselves may range from art, replays, sparring, texturing and so on. But the ideal concept is that the participation and awarding of the event is done via the forums in the event thread, where the objective may be only attainable in the game client.

In-game Events
In-game events are more commonly known as tourneys. These are usually knockout tournaments where players in a queue compete in a bracket based format to semi-finals and finals for a winner to be announced. The mod that would be played and prizes to be rewarded are all chosen by the host. You may use the >in-game broadcast tool< to announce your in-game event so people come to your room to participate.

Now there's a plethora of in-game event formats you may host in or you may see around being hosted. I'm only going to be listing the ones I've seen being hosted the within the past year.

These are the most basic tournaments. These tournaments use the knockout mode in-game: the server will be locked down and the winner of a match will be knocked to the bottom of the queue and the loser will be force spectated. Because of the lockdown the losers can't join back in and this initiates an elimination procedure until a winner is announced.

Betting Servers
These are not tournaments but the entire point of a betting server is to bet TC on two players currently fighting in-game. There will be a limited time when you can place your bets after which bets can no longer be placed. There may also be a minimum amount you are required to bet. These servers usually bode a hefty decap-prize which provides incentive for players to buy nudges to the top of the queue. You can read more about >betting servers and how to host one here<.

Victory Tourney
These are tournaments but without a knockout mode on. This means there is no elimination happening. Instead, a time is set at the beginning of the tourney where you have to rack up as many wins (victories) as you can within the set time. The winner is the player with most wins at the end.

Hotseat Server
Hotseat mode is enabled in this in-game event. A single player stays on top of queue facing every one else the entire time. Rewards may be given at the discretion of the host (usually the person in the hot-seat but not necessarily), where you win a prize per win against the hotseat player, or racking the most number of wins against them within a given time.

Decap Tourney
Usually a mod is set where its easy to dismember joints. The host counts the total number of decapitations in a given time by the players in the queue / lobby. The player with most number of decaps wins!

Lounges / Trivia Servers
These are usually hosted by the ES, however anyone can host one and hand out prizes per trivia but it is usually not observed to be common.
When hosted officially by the ES, we ask Trivia and hand out STs as rewards for getting the answer right. At times, you may find the server to reward you higher than normal TC per every game you win.

Client Events
Lastly we have Client events. These may be advertised in the forums and may also embody a thread in the Events board to accept entries there too. But mainly, these are accessible via the game client > news. These events have a win trigger at different objectives which automatically reward you with the prizes!

These events can only be hosted by Toribash Staff as integration into the game client is the backbone of these events.

How do I host an Event?
For in-game events, you'd want to apprise yourself of in-game commands (widely available around the FAQ & Tutorials board) and open up a room yourself. It might take you a while to get used to it but it does come naturally.

For forum events, you must understand what an event consists of. Primarily, a goal or an objective that a participant has to achieve, rewards that participants would receive and a set of rules / parameters that set difficulty and ensure fairness for the event. Here is a wonderful illustration of >how to create your Event thread< by wizard.

When you've done this, go ahead and make a thread with your event stating clearly the aforementioned requirements. Do remind yourself of the rules linked at the top of this thread. Other than that, have fun! You're the judge, you choose the winners, you take the entries.

What if I don't receive rewards after winning an event!?
If it is an official event hosted by Nabi or the Event Squad, you will receive your rewards where fairness will be ensured at our very best endeavor and efforts!

But fret not, the Event Squad is a specialized staff group that expertise in event management! We are always on the lookout to ensure events are being hosted fairly, and to the end in a proper manner. If you feel you've been treated unfairly in an event, always contact an ES member to aid you with your situation.
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