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Script for calculating profits in bets and duels
Hello everyone, I have written a script that allows you to check all the duels you have played, calculate the total profit, as well as the total volume and number of duels. If anyone is interested in knowing their statistics, please write 'Check me' on this post or send me a private message (forum, or discord: _cicada3301_ ). The average processing speed check in transaction history is about 40-45 pages per minute. This script only checks duel modes, because it's impossible to determine from the transfers whether it was a duel to 3 or you bought an item, or someone gifted you the TC, or you took a loan, etc. So, if the overall profit turns out to be negative, it's by no means an error. It might be that you won more in duels to 3 than in duel modes (or you earn TC by other ways). And now I will provide a list of players that I have already checked, and I will gradually expand it based on your requests!

Duel Statistics

Betting Statistics

You can also write what can be improved in this thread to make it look more understandable and user-friendly. Additionally, I can add some interesting features to the script based on your suggestions.

Note: If you have multiple accounts, you can provide their usernames, and I will add the accumulated statistics to your main account.
Note 2: If you want to obtain information (Number of duels, Volume, Profit) for each of your pages in the transaction history, you can also mention it in the message, and I will create a separate Google spreadsheet where I'll record this data.
P.S: If you like this idea and this thread gets a lot of good votes, i'm going to write a script that checks your profit and etc on betting in the same way!

Special thanks to iRock who gave me 30k TC for what i do, thanks m8 ♥

UPD: Yay! This thread has reached 10 upvotes! Thank you all for your kind words and support. As promised, within a week, I will create a new script that will calculate profits and other statistics, this time based on your bets! All the players that I have checked in this thread will be automatically included there, love you all ♥

UPD2: Just optimized a script, now it checks ~450-500 pages per minute!

UPD3: Now it checks bet statistics as well!
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Check me!

I probably only played a few times but I want to know if it was worth it

Also you should check Swaves+his alts
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Check me!

I probably only played a few times but I want to know if it was worth it

Also you should check Swaves+his alts

May you write alts of Swaves which you know?
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can u check me! and itemp! and wounder/tbashboii/mcfarbo
pm me your questions or applications


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In process! checking amebolas/porn first, then wizard, melrose, ancient. Swaves and itemp will be checked last because they have very many pages (1k+), and also i think a reasonable solution would be to check those people who saw this thread and want to check their own statistics first of all :3
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Hey can ya check me and porn (same person separate accounts

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im curious to see mine :3

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