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[Realism] TaeKwonDo 540 kick replay contest.
This is a realism-based replay competition.

Goal: you will make a replay reproducing the 540 kick, carefully following the movements of the martial artists u can see in the video.

-No hacking.
-No editing other ppl's entries.
-No more than 2 replays per person.
-No mods, but you can set the value of gravity at will.
-No more than 1000 frames per replay.
-Dt 100 or higher.
-You can switch your replays how many times you want before the ending of the competition.
-You can't set a negative engage distance.
-The kick must lead to a contact with uke's head.

Judging: I will judge your replays.

Evaluation criteria: Precision and accuracy, Impact (The hit causes a dm or not? Is it clean? ect.)
Madmanning uke after the impact will not give u extra points, a pose will.

Best Replay, for posterity.
Originally Posted by maldiluna View Post

Didn't know that it got turned into a vid

Scheme of the move:
1) Starter: face the target -> 180 spin without jumping, giving the back to the target.
2) Air time: jump -> full 360 spin
3) Impact: heel hit.
4) Air time: 180 spin while falling
5) Landing facing the target.

That's a total of 720, with 540 air time. Hope this helps.

Deadline: 13-1-2009

20k for the best replay.
10k for 2nd place.
That's all i have and all i can give. If you think, like me, that this is a miserable price for such a great competiton[:P], feel free to donate some tcs, your names will be forever imprinted in the credits of this comp as Wonderful Donors.

Wonderful Donors list:

OrAclE: 15k
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okay. Feedback: Its insanely hard to get your tori into the air with enough spin. Im always falling to the ground after the second "kick". Any suggestions how to get more spin? Really nice comp though.
Thanks a lot for the feedback, i appreciate that.
Btw, u don't have to start your replay immediately with the kick, u can run/jump/dance/gain speed before, you can set a lower gravity, you can even move uke to help u, there are no rules against it.
I've been trying forever to make a replay for that kick xD I'll donate, really want to see a replay imitating it.
nyan :3
Youtube Channel i sometimes post videos of other games
As i already said privately: I love you.
Now we only have to w8 for someone to get it started
may i start this off with a silly attempt ? xD

Cool Competition maldiluna. Gonna put some more work in that crappy kick now :P

Edit: second replay added
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540 now in good.....rpl (115.7 KB, 229 views)
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<Alan> lol, rutz, it might be cool to smell your ass all the time you touch the mic
Not my entry but i just wanna share my start up right now :3

Ps. It sucks

EDIT: Damn nice Rutz

EDIT EDIT: Made a new one
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<apple> Fine, I love you in the gayest of ways.
well i have 2 vid..its the same move but in the first i cant touch ukes the 2nd i move uke...
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