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Original Post
JayTourney [dont hate me]

yes finaly the JayTourneys
have started

wushu allways

tourneys gone

7th may 11:30
prises: 1st 6k 2nd 3k
winner: 1st super999
7th may 13:30
prises: 1st 5k 2nd 2k
winner 1st dudeden

Tourneys comming

10th june [GMT++]
and there on

I am hoping to host a Tourney
on the 10th of avery month

fundings and donation are more then welcome

and those who can donate and make the tourney can help host

jake0151 - tourney starter
jaymc2k9 - tourney host

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Voted on terrible.
You lack GMT, grammar, rules, something catchy.
And when I entered your tourney for a moment...I was stunned by Ibot.
It didn't seem to know English.
after that you can't speak very good english and you're REALY slow writer I have few things what make me vote terrible

I was in your tourney, and you put few of us to get more people that we could start

and one important basic thing: you cannot handle people at all, everybody just spam and flame each other and you didn't do enything for it.

take this as constructive critisizm, not as insult
And the second largest penis in animal kindom
ok i am new and it was my first tourney but it not my tourney it realy jakes but hes away soo hes told me to start his tourneys for him wen he come bk he mite do a betta job he mite be bk tomorow
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