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TTM Texture Appraisal Thread
What is this?
The Toribash Texture Mob has noticed a recent influx of low quality texture sets being sold for outrageous prices.
Now, we'd like to solve this problem by taking your money, breaking your knees with baseball bats and dropping you into a river with your feet encased in concrete.
Unfortunately, we have to do things somewhat differently to keep certain people happy.

So we'll do things differently. It's just business, after all.

One of the current trends in the Market is attempting to sell below-standard textures at above-standard prices. As experienced texture artists, we would like to offer our "opinions" as to what these sets are really worth, in an effort to improve the overall texture standards of Toribash and help you to get rid of those sets which you just can't seem to get rid of.

How does it work?
The concept is simple, really. All you have to do is post the head or texture set that you would like to auction here. We will then return to our Headquarters to discuss the set, and will then PM you what we think your set is worth, along with suggestions to improve it. Co-operation results in the acquirement of the approval stamp; failure to co-operate will result in us posting in your thread to gain influence that way.

We will also be performing this entirely free service for sets which are not posted here.

What do I get out of it?
Apart from receiving advice to improve your set and a Mob-approved price, you receive the right to have your approved texture set stamped by one of our Appraisal Technicians with the following stamp:

Why are you doing this?
The long-term goal of this service is to increase the average quality of texture sets being sold in the Market. Artists have a tendency to either over- or underrate their textures, and our service would provide a realistic price for your set. This service will also hopefully encourage you to improve your sets, thereby increasing texture standards as a whole.

Appraisal Technicians:
Textures - Monobi
Avatars - joonveen
General - The rest of TTM

Complaints about unfair/overly harsh appraisals? Suggestions to improve the service?
They can be reported/suggested here!
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Everything can get appraised.
Just post it here, or PM me or another one of the appraiser's. We'll get back to you.
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Yeah, I was agianst the way this idea was being enforced to begin with but after I spoke with Monobi realised that it is important and should really help things improve. Nice one guys.
Good idea, but kind of will take long eh?.

Why not make an irc channel or something.

+rep for this awesome idea though
With 10's and 10's of new sets coming to market every day, I don't see how you guys are going to discuss every set individually. We'll see how it turns out.

Anyway I completely support this..
Whoop Whoop
it doesnt necesarily need to be discussed by the entire TTM
it just needs general pricing
the more tricky ones can be discussed by the group though
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I can't stand those MS paint like heads without any inspiration. What do you think about this two?

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