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.:: The Great "500" Event ::.
"It's not a simple contest, it's not a formal lottery, it is... The Great "500" Event!"

Some days ago I got up at night and decided to check Toribash forum, when I opened groups section, I found that the last one created had id=499. So, while I was registering new 500th Group an idea came to me. The Group with 500 members, not more. The entry should cost some tc (not a lot), "500!" - thought I. And of course to satisfy my numerology fever Group's ID was 500 too. And there should be smth that will arouse peoples' interest. And I decided that when there are 500 people the group, some random member will get a prize - Void Relax! So here you are:

There are several aims pursued by you and me:
  • I - want to make a group with 500 members in it and raise some money.
  • We - want to have fun and participate in some new, not boring event.
  • You - want to win No Qi Void Relax! Spending only 500 tc on an entry fee.

To participate you have to:
  1. Send 500 tc to Hector
  2. Follow this link -
  3. Press "Join Group"
Voila! You are in and you have a chance to win Void Relax!

There are already 400 of us, including such notable members in the group as
Hampa, Gman, Skulfuk and many others! Don't miss your chance! Join "500"! Be with us!

P.S. This is a trusted event, approved by forum leaders, 99.9% kosher.
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You and C0XY are in

Please, guys, spread the word of 500, make links in your sigs, tell your friends about event,
coz as soon as we get 500 members some of you will win a Jackpot

This counts as a lottery, despite hampa and Gman's participation.

Closed by the TB Gambling Commission. As is the custom, you have 7 days to repay your lottery participants.
^ Cancelled.

|11:33| [shark] so you're saying that you just paid 80 euros for pussy
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And accepted ;) Come on, tell all your friends to join, post the link to this thread or group in your sigs! That will bring us closer to the H-hour!

UPD. There are 62 of us + 3 people pending.
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